Generation I - Marten

The branch of Marten from Gorkum in Utrecht
This is another important Gorcum/Gorkom-branch that lived in Utrecht for many centuries. Until now no relationship has been established with the Rutger branch. It is very well possible that there is no relationship at all, as explained on the page about the origin of the name Van Gorkom/Gorcum.

This branch must start with a certain Marten as his son was called Jelis Martens van Gorcum (generation II), meaning Jelis, son of Marten, who came from Gorinchem. As a matter of fact, on the marriage record of Jelis, written in 1663, it is indeed stated that he came from Gorcum. It means this Jelis is the person who moved from Gorinchem to Utrecht, probably somewhere between 1655 and 1663. And therefore it means that father Marten himself lived in Gorinchem.

With thanks to Wim Hoegee for his contribution of some important information.

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