Generation IX - Rutger Branch

Generation IX was born at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The children of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk as well as the children of Dorothea van Gorkom and Johannes Gerritszoon van der Schroeff (generation VIII) and all the others witnessed the beginning of big changes that would transform Holland from an agricultural nation into an industrial economy. In Utrecht the first sign of it was the demolition of the city walls, started in 1831 by order of the mayor, Esquire Van Asch van Wijck. The walls had to go as the mayor and his fellow citizens wanted fresh air, light, and space to expand. Suddenly the people of Utrecht were able to see fields and woods where a high worn wall used to be. In fact it must have felt a sort of naked in a way.

From some distance this generation of the Van Gorkom family saw the first signs of the industrial revolution as well. For common people like them the most impressive change will have been the introduction of the railroad to Amsterdam. The first track in Holland was laid in 1839 between Haarlem and Amsterdam ten years after the famous Rocket started its service between Manchester and Liverpool in Britain. In 1843 tracks from Haarlem to The Hague and from Amsterdam to Utrecht were completed. In 1847 The Hague was connected to Delft and Rotterdam. The track between Rotterdam and Utrecht was added in 1855, making it possible to make a roundtrip from Utrecht to Amsterdam, and onwards to Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Utrecht again. Before 1839 you only had horse power: track boats that were pulled by a horse on the river bank and the stagecoach called diligence. At the other hand, the distance from Utrecht to Amsterdam is not that far, some 40 kilometres from centre to centre. You could walk it in a day, although it will not have been very safe probably.

The Rocket
Drawing of the Rocket. The first trains in Holland were similar.

The new train however needed just one or two hours, bringing you to Weesperpoort Station in Amsterdam. This station used to stand where now Rhijnspoorplein is, next to Weesperplein. The station of Utrecht was build at the same place where you still find it, just outside the old centre, next to Vredenburg, the former cattle market. You can imagine that the new trains were an absolute thrill to many people. Anyone who could afford it will certainly have made the trip at least once. Utrecht Central Station is nowadays the most important train station of the Netherlands, being the central node of the country and headquarters of the national rail road company.

It was also a period of big political changes. The southern part of The Netherlands rose up against the north and became Belgium in 1839 after nine years of rebellion. In 1840 Holland got its second king, Willem II, who would be replaced by Willem III in 1849. In 1848 the Grondwet (Constitution) was established, still being the basis nowadays of the juridical and political system in the Netherlands. And it was the age of cholera, a new disease that had come from Asia. It was epidemic in Utrecht in 1832-1833, 1848-1849, 1853-1855, 1866-1867 and 1874. There was no proper cure as mankind had to wait till 1928 for Alexander Fleming to discover penicillin.


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The Van Sandwijk Family

Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Petrus van Gorkom and Elsje de Ru (generation VIII-p79).
Petrus was son of Dirk van Gorkom and Eva van Schoonhoven (VII-d52) and grandson of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine (VI-d18).

IX-e01. Eva Antoinette
Eva Antoinette was born in Nieuwersluis, in the municipality of Loenen, on 18 November 1801. She was mother of Johanna Cornelia van Gorkom, born in Utrecht on 21 March 1823. In the census record of 1824 she lived with the Blom family as a servant on the address Janskerkhof G 256.

IX-d05. Dirkje
On 8 September 1805 Dirkje van Gorkom was baptized in the Buurkerk, and named after her grandfather. The family lived in the Donkerstraat (Dark Street). She married in Loosdrecht on 21 May 1826 Martin Y (also known as Martin Ey). He was born in Loenen on 7 October 1798, a little village not far from Loosdrecht. He was the only son of Gerrit Y and Annetje van Breevoort. Dirkje as well as her father lived in Mijnden at the time of her marriage.

IX-a06. Antje
A second daughter was Antje van Gorkom, born on 6 December 1806 and baptized in the Domkerk on 21 December 1806. Now the address was Gansenmarkt (Goose Market). In 1854 she reappears in the records of the city of Amsterdam.

IX-p08. Pieter
On 13 March 1808 Pieter van Gorkom was born and baptized in the Dom Church on 27 March, but he died two weeks later and was buried in the Geertekerk on 13 April 1808. The family lived in the Jufferstraat (Damsel Street, nowadays known as Springweg).

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Maria Christina de Blaauw (generation VIII-i87)
Isaak was son of Abraham van Gorkom and Elize van Werkhoven (VII-a29) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01).

IX-mm13. Maria Hendrina
Maria was born on 6 January 1813. In the Utrecht census record of 1824 Maria was 12 years old, so still alive. This is all we know about her. The family was living at the address Jufferstraat B.600.

IX-jj15. Jacob Isaak
Jacob was born on 21 July 1815. He died however on 18 July 1816, so one year old.

IX-w17. Willemina Christina
Willemina was born on 24 April 1817 and died 9 months later on 17 January 1818.

IX-aa19. Anna Maria
Anna was born on 22 February 1819. She was 27 years old, when she died on 21 June 1846.

IX-h20. Hendrik
Hendrik was born on 25 March 1820. He died at a very young age as well on 6 September 1820, almost 6 months old.

IX-l21. Louisa Johanna
Louisa Johanna was born on 20 March 1821. On 8 April 1848 her illegitimate son Wouter Louis van Gorkom was born. The boy lived for only two and half months and died on 24 June 1848. In Utrecht Louisa Johanna married the widower Cornelis de Knegt, son of Gerrit de Knegt and Willemina Wink on 8 August 1849. He was born in Utrecht on 21 November 1816. His deceased wife was named Johanna Petronella Dirksen. Louisa Johanna was a knitter and Cornelis was a shoemaker. He died however on 22 July 1855, 38 years old. Up till now four children are known who all deceased at an early age. Isak Cornelis de Knegt died on 29 August 1851. Alexander de Knegt was three weeks old when he died on 26 June 1852. Hosina Maria was one month old when she died on 5 July 1852. Apparently, Alexander and Hosina were twins. Johannes de Knegt was two months old when he died on 17 August 1854.

Louisa must have been a marked woman by the time she married her second husband Hendrik Kreuger. He was born in Amsterdam on 9 July 1822, as a son of Johan Pieter Kreuger and Maria Sluijter. Hendrik was the widower of Maria Hoevens. They married in Utrecht on 11 August 1858. Hendrik was a cigar maker. In 1863 Johanna Maria lived in Amsterdam at the address Anjelierdwarsstraat, being married. Out of this marriage there were two children who reached adulthood.

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Cozijna Elisabeth Krul (generation VIII-i87)
Isaak was son of Abraham van Gorkom and Elize van Werkhoven (VII-a29) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01).

IX-jj23. Johan Elias
Johan Elias was born in Utrecht on 27 September 1823. He married in Utrecht on 17 May 1854 Marretje Lummen, born in Loosdrecht on 18 May 1821, daughter of Harmen Lummen and Geertrui ten Haken. Because he was too small and physically handicapped he was declared unfit for military service in 1843. His length was 1 meter and 44 cm, the military record says. Later Johan Elias became a teacher for his profession. Loosdrecht is a little village some 15 kilometres northwest of Utrecht. Loosdrecht is nowadays a famous area for aquatics because of its lakes. Those lakes were not there originally, but were man-made. For ages a great area of peat had existed. People used the peat as fuel to warm their houses and for cooking.

The children of this couple are listed on the page about generation X. Mother Marretje died on 10 November 1877 at the age of 55. At the age of 56 years, Johan Elias remarried in Utrecht, on 26 May 1880, 46 years old Geertrui Hoonings. She was a daughter of Cornelis Hoonings and Maria Voerman and was born in Utrecht on 15 April 1834. On 4 May 1910 she died in Loosduinen, a village near The Hague, as a 76 years old widow. Johan Elias had died earlier in Utrecht on 25 December 1893, 70 years old.

IX-w25. Willem Abraham
Willem Abraham was born in Utrecht on 5 December 1825. He was 3 years old, when he died on 25 February 1829 in Utrecht.

IX-w28. Wilhelmina Louisa Henrietta
Wilhelmina Louisa Henrietta was born in Utrecht on 25 February 1828. She married Johan Hendrik Gerlach in Utrecht on 19 May 1852. Johan Hendrik Gerlach was born in Amsterdam on 12 March 1822 as son of Johanna Catharina Gerlach. The couple had six children. The youngest child was a daughter called Ida Gosina Gerlach, who married in Utrecht on 19 June 1889 Leendert Hendrik van Zandwijk, son of Leendert Hendrik van Zandwijk and Geertruij Rodrigo. The name Van Zandwijk turns up in the Van Gorkom genealogy very often. And indeed, this Leendert Hendrik turns out to be related, but very remotely. Four generations back his great-great-grandparents were Isak van Santwijk and Willemina van Gorkom (generation VII-w55). In the Van Santwijk family the name Leendert goes back for at least seven generations. Even the first ancestor (the eldest one we know until now) of the Santwijk family was called Leendert and we find this name back in almost all generations. Wilhelmina died in Utrecht on 19 March 1889, 61 years old. Johan Hendrik Gerlach deceased in Utrecht as well on 17 November 1897.

IX-n30. N.N.
On 28 May 1830 a nameless and stillborn child was given birth to.

IX-w31. Willem Frederik
Willem Frederik was born on 9 October 1831. He lived five years and died on 6 December 1836.

IX-c34. Carolina Louisa
Carolina Louisa and her brother Alexander were twins, born in Utrecht on 16 February 1834. Carolina Louisa died in the same town at the age of 69 years, on 1 June 1903, and has never been married probably.

IX-a34. Alexander
Alexander, the other half of the twins was evidently born on 16 February 1834 as well. He died in the town of Hoorn on 6 May 1857, 23 years old. Probably he was neither married.

IX-i37. Ida Gosina
Ida Gosina was born in Utrecht on 30 May 1837. She married in Utrecht Martinus Josephes Fleur on 2 May 1866. He was born in Leiden on 16 November 1839 and son of Martinus Fleur and Jacoba Belhof. Martinus Josephus made a living as a behanger (wall decorator). He was only 34 years old when he died in Utrecht on 18 January 1874.

IX-g39. Gosina Ida
The birth certificate of Gosina Ida was issued on 3 August 1839, and so she must have been born on that date or some days earlier. She died in Utrecht on 28 April 1842, two and a half years old.

Children of Petrus Franciscus van Gorkom and Josephine Garjeanne (generation VIII-p02)
Petrus Franciscus was son of Jan van Gorkom and Alijda Maria Kreilkamp (VII-j49) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01).

IX-j38. Johannes Anthonius
Johannes Anthonius was born on 27 February 1838 and was 29 years old when he married Johanna Elisabeth Smorenburg, known as Jenna, in Utrecht on 21 May 1867. She was only 18 years old at the time of her wedding, born in Loenen as daughter of Jan Smorenburg and Elizabeth van der Kroon. Her date of birth was 12 August 1848. The marriage had to be announced in Amsterdam. Johannes and Johanna lived at the same address as his parents at Lange Nieuwstraat A 594, a number which later was changed into no. 48. Some nine children were born. They are mentioned on a special page about the legacy of Johannes Anthonius.

The profession of Johannes Anthonius was salesman and in 1904 he was a manufacturer of furniture and so he was the next generation who succeeded his parents in the store at the Lange Nieuwstraat. He also had connections to the circle of artists who built and decorated the Roman Catholic churches. The new freedom of religion and a restored Roman catholic consciousness made new churches necessary as most of the old churches that were founded prior to the Reformation, were in Reformed hands. It is not unlikely that this development benefited the store. The family was especially very close friends with the Mengelberg family. Johannes Anthonius was very fond of the designs of Friedrich Wilhelm Mengelberg. There were also ties with the Brom family. Johannes died in Utrecht on 30 March 1904 at the age of 66 years.

IX-j40. Josephine Cornelia
Josephine Cornelia was born in Utrecht on 27 October 1840. She married twice. On 30 April 1868 she married in Utrecht Petrus Lambertus Johannes van Pinxteren, son of Adrianus van Pinxteren and Elizabeth van der Hout. Known is that she left Utrecht (certainly together with her husband) on 5 May 1868, moving to Culemborg. In Culemborg a son was born in about 1870, called Adrianus Petrus Franciscus van Pinxteren. He was baker for his profession and died, 24 years young, in Driel, a small village near Arnhem, on 6 December 1894. His little sister Joanna Andrea Rosalie van Pinxteren died one year earlier in Driel on 2 October 1893, 10 years old. This girl was born in Tilburg. On 21 January 1884 Josephine Cornelia married for a second time, in Tilburg, Willem Schoonhen, born in Tilburg on 15 December 1838, as son of Willem Schoonhen and Adelaïda Bernardina Fonteijne.

IX-j47. Jacoba Aletta
Jacoba Aletta was born in Utrecht on 28 July 1847. She married a horse doctor of the 2nd Hussars Regiment, called Richardus Johannes Schouten, on 23 July 1872. He was son of Rijk Schouten and Klara Maria Margaretha Padberg and was born in Utrecht on 14 May 1844. Her brother Johannes Anthonius was one of the witnesses. Richardus lived in Breda and earlier in Roermond. A daughter Clara Johanna Schouten, born in Breda, married in Swalmen (Province of Limburg) on 27 April 1874 Johannes Hendricus Stuyver, born in Amsterdam.

Children of Dorothea van Gorkom and Johannes Gerritszoon van der Schroeff (generation VIII-d87).
Dorothea was daughter of David van Gorkom and Maria Eleonora Schweijgert (VII-d58) and granddaughter of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29). Formally the following five children should not be included in this genealogy, as their father is not named Van Gorkom. At the other hand, the first child was born before her mother married, making it illegitimate and therefore receiving the name Van Gorkom. When including the first child however, it makes some sense to mention the other children as well.

IX-j10. Johanna Dorothea
Bad news for astrologers: the death record of Johanna Dorothea mentions 11 February 1810 as her date of birth, meaning that there would be a difference of some five weeks between her birth and christening. As mentioned in the section about her mother she was born as an illegitimate child and baptized on 20 March 1810 as a Roman Catholic. This might indicate that all dates of christening are not very accurate indications of the date of birth.

Johanna married a vicar, nevertheless, called Wilhelm Justinus Küller in Utrecht on 4 July 1833. He was born in Utrecht on 2 September 1807, as son of Abraham Küller and Antoinette Christina Cornelia Munten. They married at the same day as Johanna Dorothea's sister Maria Eleonora, as you can read in the next section. Johan van Gorkom (johan @ and his sister Loes found court records in Utrecht that show that the marriage had prompted Johanna to get some names right. In the first place the district court of Utrecht was asked to correct her mother's birth record. The judge gave a court order on 20 March 1833 to change the phrase "Doora, daughter of David van Gorkom and Leena Ora Swierts" into "Dorothea, daughter of David van Gorkom and Leonora Swierts". So in fact two changes were made to the birth record of Dorothea. Doora was officially changed into Dorothea and Leena Ora was changed into Leonora. Actually these corrections of the birth record were incomplete. All official records in which grandmother Leonora appears clearly give Sweijgert as her family name, also spelled as Schweijgert or Schwijgert, but always having a second syllable starting with a "g". Furthermore, the middle name Leonora is normally preceded by the first name Maria.

On 20 March 1833 the name of Johanna Dorothea herself had to be changed as well. By court order her middle name was changed from Theodora into Dorothea. It shows that at some time confusion existed about the first name of Dorothea de Heeger (generation VI-i29), Johanna's greatgrandmother after whom her mother was named. When Dorothea de Heeger's death on 3 February 1816 was reported to the register by her son David, her name was recorded as Theodora, which must be wrong. However, if grandfather David (generation VII-d58) got the first name of his mother wrong in 1816, it is logical that his daughter Doora (generation VIII-d87) believed that she was named after a Theodora, subsequently naming her first child Johanna Theodora (generation IX).

That same day in 1833 a third ruling of the court was requested. This one makes clear that Johanna Dorothea didn't like to carry the family name of her mother, proving her to be an illegitimate child. The judge therefore allowed her to use her father's family name Van der Schroeff. As a consequence she got a double name. In the marriage and death records her family name was "Van Gorkom van der Schroeff". One day after the ruling of 20 March 1833, Johanna Dorothea's father Johannes died.

Johanna died in Veenhuizen on 22 April 1868. This is a long distance from Utrecht, in the northern Province of Drenthe, and not a very romantic idea as Veenhuizen was more or less equivalent to penal colonies and asylums for beggars, homeless people and petty thieves. But more likely her husband found a job as a vicar in that colony. At the time of her death in 1868 her husband Wilhelm was still alive. He died on 12 March 1871 in Veenhuizen as well.

Two children are known. On 8 January 1844 Johannes Wilhelmus Küller was born in Serooskerke in the province of Zeeland. He married in Norg (Veenhuizen) on 10 July 1873 Adriana Jacoba 't Hooft, born in Aarlanderveen and daughter of Gosuinus Brink 't Hooft, adjunct-directeur (deputy director), and Neeltje Pietronella Lukwel. Daughter Antoinetta Eleonora Küller was also born in Serooskerke. She married Jan Vroesom de Haan.

IX-g11. Gerardus Johannes
This son of Johanna Dorothea and Johannes Gerritszoon lived for two years. He was born in Utrecht on 22 July 1811 and died on 24 September 1813.

IX-m12. Maria Eleonora
Maria Eleonora van der Schroeff was born in Utrecht on 21 October 1812. She married Gerardus Fredericus Westerman in Utrecht on the 4th of July, 1833. He was a bookseller, born in Rotterdam on 8 December 1807, and son of Martinus Westerman and Anna Maria Vorst (also known as Anna Maria Rudolphina Vorst). They married on the same day as Maria Eleonora's elder sister Johanna Dorothea, who married Wilhelm Kuller. It seems they turned it into one big party, as father Abraham Kuller was a witness at the wedding of Maria Eleonora and Gerardus Westerman, while father Martinus ("Marten") Westerman was witness of the wedding of Johanna Dorothea and Wilhelm Kuller. On the page several drawings and paintings of the Westerman family are shown. According to this page father Marten was a bookseller too, apart from being painter and actor. Books were clearly common ground, as Maria Eleonora's parents were booksellers too. The marriage record of Maria Eleonora and Gerardus Fredericus Westerman also gives a description of Gerardus. He was 1 el, 5 pm, 7 dm (157 cm) tall, having blue eyes, light brown hair and light brown eyebrows. He was exempt from service in the national militia because of physical handicaps.

Gerardus Fredericus Westerman
A drawing of Gerardus Fredericus Westerman from the book Artis, written by G. de Josselin de Jong and published by N.V. Koek- en Beschuitfabriek v/h G. Hille & Zn in Zaandam in September 1938 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of NATURA ARTIS MAGISTRA in Amsterdam.

Five years after their marriage, Gerardus Fredericus would become co-founder and director of Natura Artis Magistra, commonly known as Artis in Amsterdam, which is the most famous zoo of the Netherlands nowadays. Today Westerman is regarded as one of the important directors of Artis, but it seems that he didn't look at himself that way. When reporting the birth of his children to the register he consequently called himself a bookseller. The oldest child was Dorothea Maria Eleonora Westerman, born in the Kalverstraat at no. 198 on 23 May 1834. A year later, on 28 July 1835, Johannes Casparus Westerman was born at the same address. First witness of the report to the birth register was Franciscus Casparus Westerman. Second witness was a salesman called Adrianus Donker. According to the birth record, both brothers Gerardus and Franciscus were booksellers. On 13 February 1842 Maria Eleonora Westerman was born at the address Kalverstraat 198. This time the witnesses were Johannes Casparus Westerman and a shopkeeper called Johannes Petrus Jacobus Schultz. Father Gerardus was still a bookseller, but his brother Johannes identified himself as bookprinter now. Quite remarkably, only ten months later another daughter was born. She was called Margaretha Catharina Westerman, born on 11 December 1842. The address was still the same, just like her father's profession. And again brother Johannes Casparus was witness, being a bookprinter once more. Second witness this time was Gunter Adolf Frank, a salesman. The first name of this G.A. Frank, however, might be wrong, as it is very hard to read in the record. Another child, and probably the last, was Anna Eleonora Westerman, born in the Kalverstraat on 30 August 1850. In this last record the father's name is suddenly Gerardus Frederik Westerman, showing that he made a change to his middle name for some reason. His brother-in-law in the next section on this page called one of his sons Gerardus Frederik as well. There is also a Westerman genealogy on internet, giving the plain facts, showing that there were three more children, born in 1839, 1844 and 1846.

A remarkable little detail is the marriage of a cousin's son of Gerardus Westerman to Aletta van Gorkom. Aletta was daughter of a cousin of Maria Eleonora van der Schroeff. More details are mentioned on a separate page about Aletta (generation X-a51). The relationship is also shown in a chart about the Amsterdam connection at this side of the Van Gorkom family.

The marriage of Maria Eleonora van der Schroeff and Gerardus Frederik Westerman lasted for more than fifty years.

IX-n14. N.N.
A lifeless child was born in Utrecht on 13 July 1814.

IX-g15. Gerardus Johannes
Another Gerardus Johannes van der Schroeff was born in Utrecht on 30 May 1815. He married Anna Glazer on an unknown date. The existence of this marriage is known from the record of his second marriage. With Anna Glaser he had at least three children. One was Anna Margaretha Wilhelmina who was born in Utrecht on 25 April 1837. She lived in Eelde before she died in Veenhuizen on 18 August 1864, just 27 years old. The second child was Johannes. He was 41 years old when he married 32 year old Gijsberta Clasina van der Linde in Utrecht on 14 December 1880. He was from Utrecht and she from Hummelo en Keppel. Going by his age in 1880 Johannes was born in 1839. The third child was called Gerardus Frederik van der Schroeff, born on 25 September 1844 in Utrecht and most likely named after brother-in-law Gerardus Frederik Westerman, husband of Maria Eleonora van der Schroef, who is mentioned in the previous paragraph. Unfortunately the boy died in Veenhuizen on 27 October 1854 at the age of ten.

Gerardus Johannes had become a widower in the mean time and married again, this time to Anna Hulst, in Vledder on 17 August 1854. She was from Norg, 28 years old and daughter of Coenraad Hulst and Susanna Margrieta Smit. He was 39 years old then, revealing that he was born in 1814 or 1815. They had at least six children. The first one was Gerardus Frederik Franciscus Casparus who was born in Ommen in 1856 or 1857, as he was 38 when he married Johanna Machtelina Hendrika Veenenbos in Hoorn on 14 May 1895. She was from Hoorn, twenty years old and, quite interesting, daughter of Anna Jacoba de Jongh van Arkel, which is a quite fancy name. All other children were born in Veenhuizen. By that time father Gerardus was an deputy director, according to the records. As these don't tell in which institute he was a deputy director, it will probably have been the asylum of Veenhuizen.

Of the five other children only birth records and (two) death records are known. These five children are: Dorothea Johanna, born on 20 August 1860 and deceased on 19 May 1861, Thaléa Dorothea, born on 16 April 1862, Dorothea, born on 22 September 1863 and deceased on 24 June 1864, Johanna Dorothea, born on 18 October 1864 and deceased in Nijmegen on 11 December 1894, 30 years old, and Adrianus Cornelis, born on 15 January 1868. The genealogy of the Moll-Blokzijl family mentions a marriage of Thaléa Dorothea to Jan Jacob Moll. He was born in The Hague on 16 Augustus 1861, a Master of Law and registrar at the District Court of Dordrecht. The marriage must have taken place after 1904, when Jan Jacob Moll's first wife died. Interesting for Dutch people to note that this first wife was Petronella Cornelia van Vollenhoven, daughter of Pieter van Vollenhoven :-).

IX-h18. Hendricus Theodorus
All we know about Hendricus Theodorus van der Schroeff is that he was born on 11 September 1818.

IX-a22. Anna Davina
Anna Davina van der Schroeff was born in Utrecht on 20 February 1822. At the age of 31, Anna Davina married Gerhard Wilhelm van Lemel in the town of Ommen on 29 August 1853. He was born in Roden on 2 March 1826, a village not very far from Veenhuizen, as son of Jan van Lemel, a tax collector, and Jantje Hulst. The marriage record is kept in the register of Ommen however, which is a town far more to the south of the country. Gerhard died at young age in notorious Veenhuizen (see previous section) on 10 October 1859 at the age of 33. A member of the Van Lemel family informed this website, though, that the tombstone on Gerhard Wilhelm's grave in Peize revealed that he was mayor of Smilde and school inspector. Research of this family member also learned that there were quite a number of Van Lemels in Veenhuizen, all being employees of the colony. The death record of Gerhard states that he came from Smilde and was born in Leek on 3 March 1826. Leek and Peize are very close to Roden. More recently the new website confirmed the occupation of Gerhard Wilhelm van Lemel.

When Gerhard died he was the widower of Roelofje Kijmmell whom he married on 22 October 1857 after the death of his first wife Anna Davina in Veenhuizen on 13 July 1854. The death of Anna at the age of 32 was only a few weeks after the birth in Veenhuizen of their daughter Anna Davina van Lemel on 21 June 1854. In fact it was a twin as there was also a stillborn boy. After remarrying to Roelofje Kijmmell Gerhard had three more children in Smilde, two of them being twins as well. The twins however, who were born on 7 March 1858 and were called Berend Lucas and Jan Jacobus, died after several days. Roelofje Kijmmell died five days before Gerhard in Peize on 5 October 1859, leaving behind a baby of seven months. It is unbelievable, but this baby, called Aleida Johanna van Lemel, born on 13 March 1859, survived and married Hendrik Edema from Driel on 6 October 1886. She died in Beilen on 22 April 1934 as a widow, 75 years old. Somehow Anna Davina van Lemel survived too and died in Peize at the age of 62, on 6 January 1917. The aforementioned relative of the Van Lemel family added that Gerhard Wilhelm's grave in Peize is surrounded by the graves of his daughters Anna Davina and Aleida Johanna, his son-in-law and other close relatives.

So far the remarkable history of this branch of the Van Lemel family. People who are interested may contact the aforementioned relative by writing to lemel1 @

IX-c24. Cornelia Catharina Margaretha Johanna
Cornelia Catharina Margaretha Johanna van der Schroeff married Gerrit Rijkens in Eelde on 2 November 1850. As she was 26 years old then, she must have been born in 1823 or 1824. Gerrit was born in Groningen on 6 August 1820. With Genlias a child can be traced, called Cornelia Catharina Margaretha Dorothea Rijkens, born in Groningen on 26 August 1851. She married in the same city on 18 April 1879 Johannes Antonius Bulsing, born in Groningen too on 3 September 1856. Apparently it was a twin, as there is also a death record of another daughter of Gerrit, who was stillborn on the same day her sister was born. According to the records, Gerrit was a school teacher. He died young at the age of 33 in the city of Groningen on 17 January 1854.

If you search for Gerrit Rijkens on the website of the Groningen Archives, you will find an article about Gerrit's father, Roelf Gerrit Rijkens, also a school teacher. He became famous in the Dutch field of education for his manuals and textbooks and as pioneer of physical exercise teaching. Father Roelf Gerrit was born in Garmerwolde on 5 September 1795, also as son of a schoolteacher. He died on 26 February 1855. The mother of Gerrit junior was Margaretha Woldendorp from Groningen. Roelf Gerrit Rijkens and Margaretha Woldendorp married on 31 July 1815 in Ten Boer. The places Ten Boer, Groningen, Garmerwolde and Eelde are all located in the far north-east of the Netherlands.

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk (generation VIII-i91)
Isaak was son of David van Gorkom and Maria Eleonora Schweijgert (VII-d58) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29).

IX-d14. Davia
An annotation on the marriage record of Isaak and Johanna Gerarda tells: "Contracting parties have declared as well that from them was born a child of female gender, entered in the register of this city on 2 May 1814, where this child has been given the name Davia, which they recognize to be theirs." This does not necessarily mean that Isaak is the father as it took two years before they married. The birth certificate of Davia however tells that "Willemina van Gorkom, wife of Isaak van Zantwijk, 57 years old, declares that her daughter Johanna van Zantwijk, 24 years old, has given birth at her home on the 25th of the past month at half past two in the night, to a child of female gender, that receives the name Davia". One of the witnesses of this report to the birth register was Isaak van Gorkom, 23 years old, tailor and living in the Tughthuissteeg. This makes clear that Isaak is the father as he was indeed a 23 years old tailor living in the Tugthuissteeg at the time. Apparently Johanna's mother waited a week before reporting the birth to the register. Ages cause some confusion though. The ages of Johanna and Isaak confirm that the year is 1814. The age of mother Willemina (generation VII) however must be wrong as she was born in 1755.

According to a Fortanier genealogy on internet, Davia married Jean-Nicolas Fortanier in Rotterdam on 11 December 1833. She was nineteen. Jean was born on 4 January 1796, making him 18 years older then Davia, who was his second wife. It is also interesting to note that Jean-Nicolas Fortanier found work in Veenhuizen, just like cousins of Davia did (see previous sections on this page). Jean-Nicolas and Davia had two children: Davia-Gerarda Fortanier, born on 28 September 1834 and deceased in Albany, New York, on 16 February 1927, and Isaak-Herman Fortanier, born on 28 May 1836 and deceased in Albany, New York, on 19 November 1916. Jean-Nicolas died in Vries on 20 August 1861.

Then things become confusing. Already in 1844 Davia had a son Frederik August van Gorkom, born in Rotterdam on 12 December. It seems the marriage of Davia and Jean-Nicolas had ended somehow. On 6 August 1850 this boy was recognized by Fredrich August Moranski, who was the natural father, we may assume. On 19 January 1854 Davia lost a ten weeks old girl, named Wilhelmina Hendrika van Gorkom, who died in Vlissingen. She was born there on 5 November 1853. Vlissingen is a long way from Utrecht and Rotterdam. Maybe Davia had gone there, because her uncle Theodorus (generation VIII) lived in the area.

Somewhere during the period 1855-1859 Davia returned to Utrecht, together with her son Frederik August and another son Johannes Evert van Gorkom, born in Vlissingen on 31 March 1851. Davia went to live with her parents on the address Tuchthuissteeg B 273. There is no mentioning of the children that she had with Jean-Nicolas Fortanier. On 17 November 1862 she moved to the address A 582 in Utrecht. By then there is no trace of son Frederik August any more. In later years she must have left for America, maybe to live with her elder children Isaak Herman and Davia Gerarda who emigrated to America as well. Isaak Herman had married Geertruij Otte in Rotterdam on 15 May 1861. Their son, called Isaak Herman too, was born in Albany on 5 August 1869. Davia Gerarda married in Albany on 5 May 1863 to Johannes Wolff. In 1870 Davia's brother Abraham and his children emigrated to the United States too, but we don't know whether there was any family contact. When Davia died on 29 March 1880, she happened to be in Utrecht for whatever reason, but her true home address was in Albany, North America, according to her death record.

IX-m16. Maria Eleonora Dorothea
She will have been named after her grandmother Maria Eleonora Schweijgert (generation VII-d58) and probably after her aunt Dorothea (generation VIII-d87). She married Hendrik de Leur, son of Laurens de Leur and Cornelia van Draanen, on 27 March 1844. He was 23 and born in Utrecht on 2 November 1820. She was 27 and born in Utrecht on 2 July 1816. No children are known to us. Hendrik died on 31 January 1879. Maria died in Utrecht on 3 January 1896 at the age of 79. In about 1877 Hendrik and Maria lived at the address Kromme Nieuwegracht 38. Her father Izak, widower by then, lived with them. After Hendrik died Maria Eleonora Dorothea and her father moved on 2 February 1884 to the address Oosterweerdsingel 33 bis, together with her sister Davia, a record says, although Davia already had died in 1880. So probably the family had moved already about 1880 to this new address.

IX-i18. Izak
This Izak is probably called after his father. He was born on 1 October 1818 and father himself of another Izak (generation X-i53). He lived in Utrecht for 56 years till his death in 1875. According to his birth record "Izak van Gorkom, tailor, twenty six years old, living in the Tugthuyssteegje, being assisted by two witnesses, declared that Johanna Gerarda van Zandwijk, his lawful wife, born in Utrecht, twenty seven years old, has delivered at his home, this morning at half past eight a boy, who he gave the name of Izak". It is interesting to note that the father's Christian name is written in the same way as the son's. In the marriage record of the father, made only two years before, the father's name was written as Isaak.

On 26 February 1845 Izak married a mysterious woman called Louisa Roä, born in Utrecht on 24 May 1819. The register tells that she was the daughter of Ida Roa. There is no mentioning of a father. Louisa was born in Utrecht. As there is a lot of information about Louisa Roä, a special page is dedicated to her. Please click here to go to the Roa page.

When Izak and Louisa marry his profession turns out to be tailor, just like his father's. The parents of Izak and the mother of Louisa were present at the wedding, declaring that they gave permission for this marriage. This looks a bit odd, as Izak is 26 years old and Louisa 25. After the marriage they lived in the Pelmolenstraat for some time as it shows from the birth and death records of several of their children. The records of the children also state that Izak's profession was barber then. The Pelmolenstraat is the same as the nowadays Pelmolenplantsoen and its continuation, the Bijlhouwerstraat. The Pelmolenstraat was an interesting place to live in about 1851 and 1855, when Aletta and Abraham were born. The street runs parallel to the city wall which was just pulled down and replaced by a park in English landscape style. This park was designed by the very popular J.D. Zocher Jr. and his son L.P. Zocher. They designed the Vondelpark in Amsterdam as well, and approximately all other well-known parks from that period in the Netherlands. As houses were build just at one side of the Pelmolenstraat, the family must have been looking out on this park.

The Tailor
Old poster, widely used in Dutch and Belgian schools, showing tailors at work. The drawing was made by Hendrik Jan van Lummel (1815-1877) and published in 1862 by Kemink & Zoon in Utrecht. The name Kemink lived on for a long time in Broese Kemink, the biggest quality bookshop of Utrecht, opposite town hall, nowadays known as Selexyz Broese.

Izak died on 20 January 1875 at the rather young age of 56. Maybe he had contracted cholera, which was epidemic in 1874. According to the death record his address was Tuchthuissteeg B.273, the same House of Correction Alley where his parents (generation VIII-i91) lived. This address was in the south of the city not far from the city wall. The house number is a new phenomena. The B. is an early sort of postcode, indicating that the family lived in wijk B, the B-quarter of Utrecht, which was in the south. At present there is still a quarter in Utrecht that is called Wijk C, exactly the area in the north of the city where many generations of the family happened to live. On internet a family tree can be found saying that Abraham Ockhuijzen, born on 7 November 1830 and deceased on 19 November 1893, was a neighbour in 1850 as he was living at Tuchthuissteeg 274 wijk B. At the time the neighbour was a workman, later on a tailor. As a matter of fact the afore-mentioned Pelmolenstraat where Izak got several of his children, was in the B-quarter as well, having the number B.389. The address Tuchthuissteeg B.273 is nowadays known as Doelenstraat no. 21, a little street off the Twijnstraat.

At the time of his death Izak turns out to be a wall decorator, just like his brother Abraham. Wall decorator is kamerbehanger in Dutch. It is interesting to note that the verb behangen literally means being busy hanging something to something. A "kamer" is a room (chamber). The word reveals that people didn't paste paper to their walls, as we do nowadays when we go behangen. In those days walls were decorated with fabric that would be nailed to tengels (laths). It shows that the step from tailor, the profession of father Isaak, to wall decorator was not such a big one.

The early death of Izak had serious consequences for his family of course. His wife Louisa Roä was only 55 then, having one son still living at home. This son was Evert Dirk, being just twelve years old when his father died. When his sister Aletta moved to Amsterdam to marry Philip Phoel, Evert Dirk and their mother came with her. More about this on the Roa page and on the pages about Aletta (generation X-a51) and Evert Dirk (generation X-e62). The complete list of children of Izak and Louisa can be found on the page about generation X.

IX-a20. Abraham
With Abraham the name of an archfather returns. Old Testament names, like David and Isaak, were very popular in the van Gorkom family, which was certainly not that common in the Netherlands. A name like Abraham fitted in this tradition very well. The name had been used in the family several times before. Abraham Thomasse van Gorcum (1627) was the first ancestor named this way. He had two grandsons called Abraham—one the son of Hendrik Abrahamse van Gorkom and Gerritje Mierhout (generation V-a74) and the other one a son of Thomas Abrahamse and Sophia van Seventer (generation V-a88). Abraham Thomasse's grandson David, married to Willemijn Tiebing, also had a grandchild called Abraham (deceased as a young child in 1771). Most likely, however, the Abraham who we have here—son of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk—was named after the brother of his mother, called Abraham van Santwijk. The mother of both Johanna Gerarda van Santwijk and Abraham van Santwijk was Willemina van Gorkom. This Willemina had a sister Theodora who was married to Abraham Heymans, so it might be that Abraham van Santwijk in his turn was named after this brother-in-law of his mother.

Abraham married his cousin Willemina van Sandwijk in Utrecht on 12 June 1850. She was a daughter of Margaretha de Groot and Willem Frederik van Sandwijk (generation VIII), her father being a brother of Abraham's mother Johanna Gerarda and his uncle Abraham van Santwijk. "Sandwijk", "Zantwijk" and "Santwijk" are different ways of spelling the same name, which were all allowed, until Napoleon decided by imperial decree of 18 August 1811 that all names should be spelled in only one way.

Abraham was born in Utrecht on 9 April 1820 and Willemina was born in Utrecht too, on 22 June 1820. Actually, this is the third remix of Van Zantwijk and Van Gorkom genes in a row, as Abraham's grandmother Willemina van Gorkom (generation VII-w55) was the one who started, followed by his mother Johanna. According to the marriage record Abraham was a wall decorator and his wife Willemina was an "ironer", so someone ironing clothes. They had seven children, amongst whom an Evert Dirk, who must have been named after Abraham's brother-in-law (generation IX-w23). Unfortunately this child Evert Dirk died at very young age, just like two of his brothers and a sister did. It meant that in the end Abraham and Wilhelmina had three children: Johanna Gerarda, Wilhelmina Frederica and Hendrik Leonard.

Abraham did not have to serve in the Nationale Militie (National Militia), as his brother Izak had already done so for five years. This is stated in a certificate, which was issued to him by the Militia. The certificate also gives a description of his appearance. His length was 1 el, 6 pl, 3 dm, 5 st. This measurement followed the metric system of 1820 in which the el was 1 metre, the palm (pl) 10 centimetre, the duim (dm) 1 centimetre and the streep (st) a millimetre. So, Abraham's length was 163.5 cm, some 5'4" (1 metre = 3.2808 ft). His face was described too, being oval, his forehead rounded, blue eyes, big mouth, blond hair and blond eyebrows.

On 1 April 1863 the family moved from Tuchthuissteeg B.273 to the address I.229-2 (at the other side of town) and returned to the first address, three years later, on 28 March 1866. The address B.273 is well-known, as it is the address where Abraham's parents (generation VIII-i91) lived for years, just like Abraham's brother Izak (generation IX-i18). In November 1869 daughter Johanna Gerarda moved to the address M.267-a. On 16 July 1870 she too returned to her former address. According to the Utrecht register, in 1870 the whole family finally moved to the Dutch East Indies, nowadays Indonesia. This is not very strange, as many people went to the East Indies in those days. It is a bit of a mystery, therefore, that at the same time Abraham and his children popped up in the US.

According to recollections of his American descendants, Abraham arrived in the US somewhere in 1870 with three children. His wife Willemina had deceased by the time they arrived. When Abraham left Holland, she was still with him, tells the register. It is quite unlikely that Abraham travelled all around the world, first going to the East Indies and subsequently moving on to the US. But neither it is likely that this matter will soon be resolved. One thing is for sure, though, and that is the fact that American offspring of Abraham is still living in the US.

On the page about the American generation X this story continues.

IX-jj21. Johannes Gerardus
Johannes Gerardus was born on 6 November 1821. He was 10 years old when he died on 21 August 1832.

IX-w23. Wilhelmina
Wilhelmina was born in Utrecht on 10 August 1823. She was 22 when she married Evert Dirk van Bruggen on 6 August 1845. He was two years older, born in Utrecht on 5 April 1821 as son of Hendrik van Bruggen and Swaantje Anneveld. Evert Dirk must have been inspiring company, as Wilhelmina's brother Izak named one of his children Evert Dirk (generation X-e62) as well. The death records of Izak's daughter Ida (generation X-i46) and Izak's son Johannes Gerardus (generation X-j60) show that Evert Dirk's profession was aanspreker or grafbidder. This was a professional kind of Master of Ceremonies at funerals, the forerunner of the undertaker.

Wilhelmina and Evert Dirk had three daughters: Hendrika Zwaantje van Bruggen, born on 1 May 1846, Maria Eleonora Dorothea van Bruggen, born on 12 December 1851, and Wilhelmina Everdina van Bruggen, born on 5 September 1853. Two sons died at young age. The eldest daughter emigrated to North-America in May 1867. Wilhelmina, Evert Dirk and their daughter Maria Eleonora Dorothea moved to Rotterdam in 1875. A certain parallel between the lives of Wilhelmina and her brother Izak can be seen. They both married in 1845. And Wilhelmina left Utrecht in 1875, in the year that Izak died. Evert Dirk van Bruggen died in Rotterdam on 13 April 1891, when his wife was still alive.

IX-d25. Dorothea
Dorothea was born in Utrecht on 18 April 1825. She died after sixteen months on 5 September 1826.

IX-d27. Dorothea
The second Dorothea was luckier. She married Wilhelm Allart Houbolt on 28 October 1857. She was 30 years old then, as she was born on 10 July 1827. Her husband came from Voorschoten, a village near the city of Leiden. He was 26, born on 9 July 1831, and son of Jacobus Andries Houbolt and Johanna Margaretha Rehder. One married child is known, a daughter called Eleonora Dorothea Johanna Houbolt, most likely named after her mother's mother, her mother and her father's mother. On 20 October 1881 she married in Westbroek, a small village north of Utrecht, at the age of 23. She was therefore born in 1857 or 1858. The groom was Jacobus Andries Houbolt, son of Jan Herman Houbolt and Hendrica Maria le Feber. He came from Leiden, his age being 27, meaning that his year of birth was 1853 or 1854. One has to assume that Eleonora and Jacobus were first cousins, as Jacobus was carrying exactly the same name as the grandfather of Eleonora. And just like Eleonora's father, Jacobus Jr was coming from the Leiden area.

IX-aa29. Aletta
On 17 January 1829 a daughter Aletta was born.

IX-jj33. Johanna Gerarda
Johanna Gerarda was born on 4 January 1833, 19 years after her eldest sister. Her mother was already 42 then. The girl lived for eight days and died on 12 January.

Children of Hendrikus van Gorkom and Teuntje Rietveld (generation VIII-h15).
Hendrikus was son of David van Gorkom and Hendrika Faas (VII-d58) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29).

IX-h34. Hendrica
Hendrica was born in Utrecht on 27 September 1834, seven years before her parents married.

IX-p42. Pieter Johannes
Pieter Johannes died in Utrecht on 28 June 1842 as an infant, so he was probably born in 1842 as well.

IX-d43. David
David was born in Utrecht on 17 August 1843. He married Aartje Diesveld in Arnhem on 28 October 1863. She was 24 and daughter of Wilhelmus Diesveld and Johanna van Laar. David was a gas fitter, just like his father Hendrikus, and Aartje was a maid at the time of the wedding. Their children are mentioned on the page about generation X. Aartje Diesveld died on 12 October 1906. David was still alive then.

IX-a46. Antonia
Antonia died in Arnhem on 26 March 1846, after she was born there two months before.

IX-a47. Antonia
Already in 1846 or 1847 a second Antonia was born. She married in Culemborg Lambertus van Hoogwaarden. From this marriage two children are known.

IX-a49. Alida
Alida, the last child of Hendrikus and Teuntje, died in Arnhem on 25 March 1850.

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Anthonia van Hensbergen (generation VIII-i96)
Isaak was son of Jan van Gorkom and Anna Christina de Visser (VII-j73) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29).

Isaak and Anthonia had twelve children, born in Utrecht between 1815 and 1835. In the years from 1847 till 1856 the complete family moved to Pella, Iowa, USA. Some of the children were already married by then. Most of this and following information comes from a family tree that was send years ago to one of the makers of this website. We are (still) trying to find this person in order to give him due credits on this spot.

Also we are very grateful to Lissa Moshagen, née Janoski, who collected a lot of more recent US information for us. Charlotte Cook provided us with some important Van Gorkom family information about her own branch concerning Jacob Van Gorkom. Wilma J. vande Berg, archivist of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society, was able to prove some family relations and provided us with articles about the Van Gorkom history in the US.

IX-j15. Jan
The first child of Isaak and Anthonia was called Jan, born in Utrecht on 6 June 1815 and certainly named after his father's father. He died, however, in Utrecht on 6 March 1833, at the age of 17, probably of cholera, as it was epidemic in 1833. He was a carpenter for his profession.

IX-a17. Antoinette
The second child was Antoinette, born in Utrecht on 6 June 1817. She was probably named after her mother's mother and was called Antje. She married in Mario County, IA, Johannes van Driel. For his profession Johannes was a constable. A census record of 1860 tells that John (Jan Adam) lived with this family. He was the son of Antoinette's brother Isaak and lived only temporarily at his aunt's home. Antoinette died in Pella, IA, on 12 February 1861.

IX-a19. Anna Christina
The third was Anna Christina, born in Utrecht on 10 January 1819 and named after her father's mother. She married in Pella on 1 August 1854 Willem Arnold van Steenwijk, who was born in Utrecht as well, on 5 August 1828. They had two sons, the first of whom died after seventeen months. Their second son Jan Isaak van Steenwijk was born on 16 August 1859. Anna Christina died in Pella on 23 January 1865, just 46 years old. Willem Arnold married for a second time and now to Huibertje Notenboom, widow of Jan Niermeyer, in Pella on 9 December 1865. Another two children were born, both in Pella. Maria Justina van Steenwijk was born on 4 September 1866 and Huibertje van Steenwijk on 5 October 1868.

IX-i21. Isaak
The fourth child of Isaak and Anthonia was called Isaak as well, after his father. This son was born in Utrecht on 10 July 1821. He married in Utrecht Maria Oxenaar on 19 June 1844. Maria was born in Utrecht on 28 November 1825 as the daughter of Johannes Adam Oxenaar and Maria de Ruijter. An act of permission of Isaak's parents is one of the attached marriage papers. One of the witnesses was Willem Frederik van Santwijk, landowner and living at the Bolwerk Lepelenburg. This Willem Frederik is almost certainly the brother of Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk, who is mentioned above, as the mother of second cousins of Isaak. See also the Van Sandwijk page on this site. Young Isaak was an carpenter for his profession.

On 15 June 1849 Isaak, his wife Maria and two young children arrived in New York on the vessel Franzilea and settled down in Pella where another seven children were born. In total, there were four girls and five boys. Some of their grown-up children moved around 1870 westwards and settled in Sioux County, in Orange City and Maurice Town. Isaak and Maria and their younger children followed them after 1880, according to census records.

Great-granddaughter Blanche Wiederholt describes in the book Maurice Iowa Centennial 1891-1991 how a tornado destroyed the house of Isaak on 30 April 1898. Probably this happened in Sherman Township, near Maurice Town. In an attempt to reach the storm cellar, Isaak was pinned and internally hurt. He died a few days afterwards in Maurice Town, Iowa, on 5 May 1898. Maria Oxenaar had died nine years earlier on 16 September 1889, in the same town. All children are mentioned on a separate page dedicated to the American branches of generation X.

IX-c22. Cornelia Jacoba
Number five was a daughter again, called Cornelia Jacoba, born in Utrecht on 17 December 1822. According to Genlias, she married in Utrecht Willem Jelis Gesel, son of Wouter Gesel and Elisabeth van Maurik, on 1 November 1848. He was born in Utrecht on 10 June 1822. They had seven children. In Utrecht a child of four died on 2 January 1854. So, Cornelia Jacoba and Willem Jelis emigrated to America after that date. In 1840 Cornelia Jacoba was a dienstmaagd, meaning servant, of the Hoogeveen family, living at the address Bemuurde Weerd M 131.

IX-h25. Hendrik
The sixth child was Hendrik, born in Utrecht on 5 May 1825. He married in Pella on 21 February 1850 Eleanor Kennedy, who was born on 17 May 1820 in Kent Fry County, Kentucky. (Actually, several marriage dates circulate.) They had four children, amongst whom at least one married son, called Moses P., born on 27 December 1850, who married Mary F. Sparks. Other children were daughters Josephine Antonia and Mary. Also a son Henry is mentioned. All children are mentioned on a separate page (American generation X), dedicated to this American branch of the family. The marriage of Hendrik and Eleanor became terminated. Eleanor stayed in Pella. The census record of 1880 mentions her, her daughter Mary, daughter-in-law (probably Mary F. Sparks) and two granddaughters H.E. and L.B. as living together. There is no trace of Moses P. About 1880 Hendrik was living with his father Isaak. Henry, as Hendrik was called in America of course, was a blacksmith for his job. He died in Pella on 8 December 1905 and was buried on the Oakwood Cemetery.

Hendrik van Gorkom    Josephine van Gorkom
Photos of Hendrik and his daughter Josephine (photos courtesy of John Johansen).

IX-s27. Sophia Wilhelmina
The next child was Sophia Wilhelmina. She was born in Utrecht on 16 September 1827 and married Dewitt Clinton Hackley in Pella on 14 February 1850, so exactly one week before her brother Hendrik married. Dewitt was born on 20 May 1826. They had eight children. The family moved to Oregon in 1851 and to California in 1861.

IX-m29. Maria and Theodorus
Then a twin was born in Utrecht on 20 July 1829, named Maria and Theodorus. The boy died after five weeks on 28 August. Maria married in Pella on 22 May 1856 François Le Cocq, who was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 14 July 1828. He was the son of Jean François Le Cocq and Neeltje Heere. The Le Cocq family, eight people in total, had landed in Baltimore with the ship Pieter Floria on 12 June 1847 and had settled in Pella, Iowa. Maria married on the same day as her younger sister Theodora, who married a brother of her husband. Maria and François had eight children.

Apparently, the family moved to Orange City as two of their youngest children were born there. The first resettling was in about 1870, when Orange City, Sioux County, was founded and 70 families set ou to the north west of Iowa, where they settled down at a distance of 325 miles from Pella. Maria's old father Isaak, who lived with the family in 1870, stayed in Pella. In 1880, he was living with his other child Henry. On 17 May 1872 Theodora Josephina Le Cocq was born in Orange City. She was baptized on 3 November 1872 in the First Reformed Church. On 1 May 1874 the youngest child of Maria and François, called Antoinette Le Cocq, was born in Orange City. She was baptized on 18 April 1875, so almost a year after her birth.

In about 1880, the family moved further west to Harrison, Douglas County, South Dakota. It was almost certainly this François Le Cocq mentioned here, who was a member of the committee which searched around 1880 for a new place to live and found the location nowadays known as Harrison. Maria's brother Isaak, his wife and their younger children also moved from Pella to the west, but their resettlement was some ten years after Maria's. Some of Isaak's older children already had moved to the west around 1870 as well.

The child Antoinette Le Cocq married in Harrison (South Dakota) on 28 January 1902 Jonkheer (Esquire) Willem François de Jonge, born in Amersfoort, Netherlands, on 5 February 1876. After his death on 6 March 1920, Antoinette married on 23 August 1930 Peter James van Hemert (source: Nederlands Adelsboek 1983, p. 402).

IX-j31. Jacob
The tenth child was Jacob. He was born in Utrecht on 16 April 1831 and died in Pella on 2 January 1857.

IX-b33. Benjamin
Number eleven was Benjamin. He was born in Utrecht on 25 March 1833, just two weeks after his eldest brother Jan had died. Benjamin died in Utrecht one year later on 28 March 1834.

IX-t35. Theodora Josephina
The youngest was a daughter again, called Theodora Josephina, born in Utrecht on 20 April 1835. As already mentioned, she married Theodorus Christiaan Le Cocq, born in Amsterdam on 27 February 1835, a younger brother of François Le Cocq, who married her sister Maria. The wedding was on the same day as her sister's, in Pella on 22 May 1856. Theodora and Theodorus had eleven children.

Pella, Iowa, USA was founded in 1847 by the Dutch Reverend Hendrik Pieter Scholte, who had rebelled against the State Church of the Netherlands. Together with him hundreds of Dutch emigrated to the US to be free in their choice of religion. Interestingly enough E.J. Potgieter, a well-known Dutch writer in his days, stayed in Pella for some time and wrote an essay called Een brief uit Pella (Letter from Pella), published in a literary magazine called De Gids, being his sixth contribution in a series called Landverhuizing naar de Vereenigde Staaten (Emigration to the United States).

The fact that there was a large Dutch community in Pella, becomes evident when you look at the second generation of this branch of the Van Gorkom family. Seven grown-up children of Isaak and Anthonia are good for 49 grandchildren, of whom thirteen were children of the two sons Van Gorkom that got married. Nine of these thirteen grandchildren are known to have married too, six of them to a first generation immigrant from Holland. These six had at least 39 children, all carrying the family name Van Gorkom. Read more on the page dedicated to the American generation X.

Children of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (generation VIII-g95)
Gerrit was son of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66) and grandson of Gerrit van Gorkom and Cornelia van der Tol (VI-g35).

IX-e25. Evert Jan
Evert Jan was born in Zutphen on 31 May 1825. While he was still studying in Utrecht, he took over the education of his younger brother Gerrit in September 1849 after the death of both their parents. One year later Evert Jan worked as a private teacher at the boarding school of Gerrit Jacobus Kapteyn in Barneveld, just as his brother Wilhelm Johan, and took his brother Gerrit with him. Evert Jan married Henriette Carolina Maria van Kesteren on 29 October 1853 in Neede. She was a daughter of George van Kesteren and Jannetje Maria Bosch and 23 years old, so born in about 1830. Her father was a vicar. In 1854, Evert Jan was principal of the Latin School in Amersfoort. His three children were all born in this town as mentioned on the page about generation X. He died, far too young, in Amersfoort on 23 August 1857, only 32 years old, three weeks before his third child was born. His widow remarried her brother-in-law Wilhelm Johan in 1859. At that moment Evert Jan's children were 4, 3 and 1 years old, so effectively they grew up as children of Wilhelm Johan.

It is probably no coincidence that Evert Jan's granddaughter Wilhelmina Henriette van Gorkom (daughter of Henri Carel Marie) married the grandson of Gerrit Jacobus Kapteyn. Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn, who became the famous Dutch professor in astronomy, was born in Barneveld on 19 January 1851. His son Gerrit Jan married Wilhelmina Henriette.

IX-w27. Wilhelm Johan
Wilhelm Johan was born in Zutphen on 4 February 1827. Already in 1847 he was working at the famous boarding school of Kapteyn in Barneveld. (More in Dutch on Afterwards he had a large number of other positions: in 1848 in Oud-Alblas, in 1849 in Klundert, in 1851 in Vianen and in 1853 in Barneveld again. In May 1854 he worked as a private teacher in Amersfoort at the school of his older brother Evert Jan. That same year he became principal of a primary school in Steenwijk and soon afterwards in 1856 teacher at the Groningen Gymnasium (Gymnasium was the successor of the Latin School). Eventually he was made principal of the Gymnasium's three year preschool. In 1875 he was invited by the South-African president Thomas François Burgers to become Superintendent-General of Education, basically a kind of minister. After the British had taken over in 1877 and Burgers had been forced to retire from politics, Wilhelm Johan returned to Holland in 1878, where he became District Inspector of Education in Goes, Zeeland. He died at the age of 61 in Heusden on 14 October 1888 at the place of his son Henri Carel Marie, who was a general practitioner. Several months after his death, an extensive necrology was published in the year book of the Maatschappij der Nederlandsche Letterkunde (Society of Dutch Literature), written by J.B. Kan in Dutch. Click here if you like to read it. A fact not mentioned in this obituary is W.J. van Gorkom's contribution to the first South-African anthem, 'n Ieder nasie het sy land (Every nation has its land), for which he composed the music. As this anthem was in Afrikaans it never reached an offcial status after the British takeover, but it is still remembered by the Afrikaner movement.

Wilhelm Johan had married his brother's widow Henriette Carolina Maria van Kesteren in Haarlo, municipality of Eibergen (Gelderland), on 21 July 1859. They had five children, apart from the three young children from her first marriage who were only 1, 3 and 4 years old at the time of the wedding. Two children from the second marriage died very young, but three of them became adults together with their three siblings-cousins. Visit the page about generation X for the children of Wilhelm Johan. Henriette Carolina Maria died in Groningen on 9 July 1870, only 40 years old, so leaving her husband behind with six children. The oldest child was 15 years old then and the youngest three were only 3, 1 and less than a year. This also means that Wilhelm was already a widower when he emigrated to South-Africa five years later.

IX-a28. Anna Maria (Mietje)
Anna Maria was born in Zutphen on 29 May 1828. On 23 July 1856 Mietje married in Borculo Berend Beins, born on 22 January 1826. They had six children, all born in Eibergen (Gelderland): Anna Margaretha Beins was born on 10 June 1857, Adriana Johanna Beins on 9 October 1858, Berendina Beins was born on 29 June 1860, Gerrit Beins on 23 February 1863, Anna Maria Beins on 2 October 1868 and Anna Gesina Beins was born on 29 April 1870. Father Berend died on 17 April 1881, mother Mietje on 16 April 1888, both in Amersfoort.

IX-a31. Adriana Johanna
Adriana Johanna was born on 21 March 1831. She died in Eemnes-Binnen on 10 June 1858, only 27 years old, and was buried in Baarn, a bigger village nearby. Her sister-in-law, wife of her brother Gerrit, died half a year earlier and was buried in Baarn too.

IX-j32. Johann
Johann was born in 1832. He died, four years old, in Zutphen in February 1836 and was buried there.

IX-g33. Gerrit
Gerrit was born in Zutphen on 28 August 1833. He studied theology at Utrecht University and received a doctorate. In 1857 he was a vicar in Eenmes-binnen, in 1861 in Leiden and in 1868 in Amsterdam for the Remonstrant Community. One of his congenial spirits was his colleague reverend Lambertus Hendrik Slotemaker. Gerrit wrote articles in De Tijdspiegel, a literary magazine, and was founder and editor of Los en Vast, a magazine started in 1866, in which he published several important religious contributions.

He married twice. First in Delft to Cornelia Adriana Johanna Jansen on 11 March 1857, born 17 November 1834 in Delft, daughter of Willem Stroes Jansen, vicar as well, and Josina Amelia Hendrika Hoekwater. But she died seven months later, while giving birth, in Eemnes-binnen on 15 November 1857 and was buried in Baarn. The baby died too. On 12 May 1859 he married in Baarn Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina Laan, born in Zuilen, near Utrecht, on 1 December 1829, daughter of Gijsbert Nicolaas Laan and Carolina Hendrina Sara Sanderson. Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina died in Nieuwer-Amstel, near Amsterdam, on 17 April 1895. Gerrit died in The Hague on 14 January 1905 at the age of 71.

After his death an extensive obituary was published in the 1905 year book of the Maatschappij der Nederlandsche Letterkunde (Society of Dutch Literature), written by his friend L.H. Slotemaker. Click here if you like to read it; it is in Dutch. Gerrit is also mentioned in the biography of Conrad Busken Huet, written by Olf Praamstra. Busken Huet was a reknowned and influential author in his days and Gerrit turns out to be one of his friends, although the picture that is painted of him in this book is not particularly flattering. According to Olf Praamstra, Gerrit was going to marry a niece of Busken Huet after the death of his first wife. To the great annoyance of the Huet family, however, he let her down and married Sara Laan, who was from a wealthier background, the author says.

Gerrit and Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina had six children, mentioned on the page about generation X.

IX-k35. Karel Wessel
On 22 August 1835 Karel Wessel was born in Zutphen too, like all the children. Karel Wessel studied pharmacy at the Utrecht University and already on 7 July 1855 he became pharmacist for the Royal Dutch Indies Army (K.N.I.L.). He went to Indonesia, at that time the Dutch East Indies, and married in Bandung, Indonesia, on 6 October 1864 Annetta Franciska Keijzer. She was born in The Hague on 6 December 1845. The couple had five children, all born in Bandung, mentioned on the page about generation X.
click for enlargment Later on, the family went back to Holland and settled in Baarn (province of Utrecht). Karel Wessel died in Baarn on 10 March 1910, 74 years old. Karel Wessel was director of the kina tree culture in Indonesia. He wrote several articles about kina (quinine), tea and coffee cultures and was granted by Her Majesty the Queen the prestiguous decoration of Ridder in de Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw (Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion). From the University of Utrecht he received a honorary doctorate in pharmacy. Annette Francisca Keijzer died in Utrecht on 16 January 1936 at the respectable age of 90. In 1887 daughter Anna married in Baarn.

IX-j37. Johann
Johann was born in Zutphen on 31 May 1837, a year after the first Johann had died. He married Leonie Hubertina Thérèse Coenaes in Solo, Indonesia, on 10 August 1865. She was born in Soerakarta on 7 November 1847. One son was born, called Leonard Johann Gerrit Anne, in Djokjakarta on 12 February 1877. The child died however on 13 April 1885 in The Hague. Johann himself died in Haarlem on 22 July 1909, 72 years old. So, also this family went back to Holland, like most colonials.

IX-c39. Cornelia Petronella
She was born in Zutphen on 24 July 1839. She died, just 15 years old, in Amersfoort on 16 October 1854. Her home address was in Borculo. It might well be that she lived at the boarding school of her grandfather.

IX-c41. Charles Francois
Charles Francois was born on 8 July 1841. He got a degree in law, but died in Leiden on 25 March 1864 at the age of 22.

IX-j44. Jan Cornelis
Jan Cornelis was born in Zutphen on 31 May 1844. On 9 April 1874 he married in Amsterdam Jacoba Elisabeth Geerling, born in Amsterdam on 22 March 1853. He was the second son of Gerrit and Anna Margaretha van der Veen who became a vicar. They had ten children, who are mentioned on the page about generation X. Jan Cornelis died in Lochem (again, near Zutphen) on 22 February 1909 at the age of 64, Jacoba Elisabeth died in Doetinchem on 11 December 1930. Probably she had moved close to her son Johann Jacobus after her husband had died.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame (generation VIII-j88)
Jan was son of David van Gorkom and Johanna Vermeer (VII-d56) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkom and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-a11. Antje
Antje was baptized in the Buurkerk on 3 March 1811. She died on 9 May 1811. The family lived in the Zilversteegje.

IX-a12. Antje
Another Antje was born in Utrecht on 2 September 1812. She married Frederik Schumacher on 20 July 1831. Frederik was son of Johan Jacob Schumacher and Doria Bouwer. They had at least four children. One was Jan Schumacher, who is mentioned in the section about Jan Christiaan van Gorkom (generation VIII-j04). Jan Schumacher married Clasina Luca. Clasina was a sister of Johanna Carolina Luca who was married to Jan van Gorkom, son of Jan Christiaan. The connection between Antje van Gorkom and Jan van Gorkom goes all the way back to generation VI, where Isaak (generation VI-129, greatgrandfather of Jan) is brother of Jacobus (generation VI-j33, greatgrandfather of Antje).

Another child of Antje and Frederik Schumacher was Hendrik Schumacher. Later in life this son Hendrik had a son himself, who was also called Hendrik Schumacher. Hendrik II, a grandson of Antje van Gorkom, married Elisabeth Hendrika van Tienhoven. This Elisabeth was a daughter of Elisabeth Hendrika Westmaas, who is mentioned in the section about Abraham van Gorkom (generation X-a55). Mother Elisabeth Westmaas was a sister of Abraham's first wife, Naatje Westmaas. In other words, Antje's grandson Hendrik married a niece of Abraham van Gorkom. Again, the connection between Antje van Gorkom and, in this case, Abraham van Gorkom goes all the way back to generation VI, where Isaak (generation VI-129, greatgreatgrandfather of Abraham) is brother of Jacobus (generation VI-j33, greatgrandfather of Antje).

In total at least nine children were born. According to Antje and Frederik had two more married children. Johan Jacob Schumacher married Maria de Ruiter in 1864. His sister Johanna Antonia Schumacher married Leendert van Rossum in 1866.

Frederik was a tailor for his profession. Antje died in Utrecht on 28 July 1881, 68 years old. One year later Frederik died in Utrecht as well on 18 December 1882, 73 years old.

IX-a14. Adriana
Adriana was born in Utrecht on 23 December 1814. She married Wilhelm Schumacher on 19 July 1837. Wilhelm was son of Jacob Schumacher and Antonia Bauwers. Therefore, it seems that Adriana married a brother or cousin of her sister's husband. The names of the parents of Frederik and Wilhelm Schumacher show similarities, but also quite a number of differences. Wilhelm was a tailor. Seven children are known. None of them married; four died as an infant and three reached adulthood, but died unmarried.

IX-d16. David
David was born in Utrecht in the Zilversteegje (Silver Alley) on 20 June 1816. He was coppersmith till his death on 9 February 1847, just 30 years old. On 24 September 1834 he had married Antonia Broekman, daughter of Jacobus Broekman and Antonia Niedekker. Antonia was born on 4 March 1815. After David's death, Antonia married Pieter Linschoten. She died in Utrecht on 3 January 1886. David and Antonia had four children, who are mentioned on the page about generation X. With her second husband Antonia had four more children.

IX-c18. Catharina
Catharina was born in Utrecht on 5 October 1818 at the address Korte Viesteeg. She married on 25 July 1838 Gerrit Jacobus Schouten, born in Utrecht on 8 September 1816, as son of Jacob Schouten and Johanna Maria Eitinger . Gerrit Jacobus was only 39 years old when he died in Utrecht on 10 May 1856. Catharina was 76 years old and died in Utrecht on 6 September 1895. Son Johannes Jacobus Schouten, born about 1840, first married Helena Adriana Elisabeth Mulder. After their divorce Johannes Jacobus married Antje Overdam, born in Buren about 1838 and daughter of Gerrit Overdam and Huiberdina de Jongh.

IX-jj20. Jan
Jan was born in Utrecht at the Korte Viesteeg on 9 May 1820. He died on 13 November 1823. Both birth and death were in Utrecht.

IX-j22. Johanna Anthonia
Johanna Antonia was born about 1822. On 29 October 1846 her daughter Hillegonda van Gorkom was born in Utrecht at the address Korte Viesteeg C.720, which was then the address of her parents. Certainly this child was named after her stepmother Hillegonda Mol. Johanna Anthonia was about 16 years old when her father had remarried in 1838, after her real mother had died in 1836. Johanna's child Hillegonda deceased, however, on 30 May 1847, then living in the Abraham Dolesteeg. The mother lived in Gouda as dienstmeid, servant.

IX-jj24. Jacoba
Jacoba lived for just a half year. At this time the address was Lange Viesteeg. She was born in Utrecht on 5 February 1824 and died there as well on 25 July 1824.

IX-jj25. Jan
This second Jan was born in Utrecht on 6 June 1825. Genlias says that he married Johanna Catharina Veldhuis in Utrecht on 11 June 1851. She was daughter of Jacobus Johannes Veldhuis and Johanna Clara Voskamp, born in Zwolle on 26 September 1825. They had at least one son, called Jan (generation X). More about this son on the page about generation X.

IX-h28. Hendrik
Hendrik was born in Utrecht in 1827 or 1828. He married in Utrecht on 17 May 1854 Gijsberta van Batenburg. She was a daughter of Eduard van Batenburg, coppersmith, and Catriena Antonia van Velthuisen. Hendrik was koperslager, coppersmith, as well for his profession. Their daughter Hendrika Gijsberta died, unmarried, in Zeist on 14 January 1931, 75 years old, but was still an inhabitant of Utrecht. She must have been born about 1856.

IX-j30. Jacobus
Jacobus was born on 15 February 1830. For his profession he became a coppersmith, like his father. Jacobus died on 24 January 1851 at his parent's address Viesteeg C.720, 20 years and 11 months old. His father notified the authorities.

Much information about the children of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame was provided by Brenda van Lier, greatgranddaughter of Jacoba Anthonia van Gorkom and Johannes Herman Bertke (generation X-j37).

Children of Willem van Gorkum and Catharina Elsing (generation VIII)
Willem was son of Jan van Gorkom and Anna van der Sloot (VII-j61) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkum and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-l13. Leendert
Leendert was born on 12 June 1813. He died, however, on 22 September 1813, 15 weeks old. He was born approximately two months before the wedding of his parents, which was on 18 August of the same year.

IX-g14. Geertrui Wilhelmina
Geertrui was born in Utrecht on 8 August 1814. She died in Utrecht on 7 September 1815. Her family name was van Gorkum.

IX-g17. Geertruida
Geertruida died on 10 April 1853 at the age of 35. She was called van Gorkom, with two o's. According to the Utrecht census record of 1840 she was born in Amsterdam in about 1817.

IX-a18. Adriana
Adriana was born in Utrecht on 16 July 1818, but died on 15 September 1821, just three years old. Her name was van Gorkum with a "u".

IX-j21. Jan Willem
Jan Willem was born in Utrecht on 14 March 1821. His last name had changed into van Gorkum as well. Jan Willem was sjouwer (porter) for his profession. He married Francina Borra, born about 1820 and daughter of Pieter Borra and Christina Franken. The wedding took place in Utrecht on 11 October 1848. Francina had already given birth to two children. On 5 March 1844 Hendrik Frederik Borra died. He was not even a year old. About 1847 Hermina Maria Borra was born. With Jan Willem she got another five children of whom two survived. Francina died in Utrecht on 15 October 1864 and Jan Willem remarried in Utrecht on 23 May 1866 Anna Maria Isabella van Dijk. She was a daughter of Anthonie van Dijk and Johanna Roelofs and born in Utrecht about 1842. Again two children were born. See for all children of Jan Willem the page about generation X. Jan Willem died in Utrecht on 14 June 1876, when 55 years old.

IX-j23. Johannes Hendrikus
Johannes Hendrikus van Gorkum was born in Utrecht on 30 September 1823. He married Cornelia Wijburg in Utrecht on 23 December 1857, 24 years old and daughter of Hubertus Wijburg and Maria Schut. She was born in Utrecht on 14 February 1833. Five children Johannes and Cornelia got, but they all died young and all of them in Utrecht. The first was Cornelia. She died on 7 December 1861 when she was 4 years old. Then came Johannes Hubertus, born about 1858. He died when he was 7 years old on 9 August 1865. Marinus died when he was 4 years old on 15 December 1863. Cornelis was 2 years old when he died on 25 June 1866. This happened only a few days after father Johannes Hendrikus had died, on 22 June 1866, only 42 years old. Cornelia stayed behind with one child, called Karel Willem. He was born at the beginning of 1866. Unfortunately he died on 6 March 1867, just 1 year old. It must have been a harsh life for Cornelia. She remarried Pieter van Petten on 24 November 1869.

IX-a27. Adriana
Adriana was born in Utrecht on 3 February 1827. She married in Utrecht on 28 August 1850 Albertus Franciscus Stangenberger, born in Utrecht on 4 February 1825 and son of Hendricus Franciscus Stangenberger (deceased 28 August 1839) and Maria Boot. Adriana was a breister (knitter) at the time she married and Albertus Franciscus a porter. Adriana died on 30 September 1877 when she was 50 years old. The couple had many children.

IX-h30. Hendrik
Hendrik was born in Utrecht on 25 December 1830. He joined the army voluntary. He died in Elden, near Arnhem, 38 years old.

Children of Ary van Gorkum and Catrina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (generation VIII-a88)
Ary was son of Ary van Gorkum and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkum and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-a30. Arie
Arie was born in Utrecht on 25 July 1830 and was named 'van Gorcom' with a 'c'. This means that from then on all of his descendants were going to be called that way as a result of the Imperial Decree of Napoleon regulating the spelling of names. He married Margaretha van Eck in Utrecht on 30 June 1852. She was born in Utrecht on 3 July 1825 and daughter of Cornelis van Eck and Mekje Broekhuijsen. They had two children who are mentioned on the page about generation X. Arie was koperslager (coppersmith). He was 75 years old when he died in Utrecht on 13 November 1905. He was a widower then.

IX-c33. Cornelia Petronella
Cornelia was born in Utrecht on 25 May 1833 (her mother is named Cornelia as well on the record). She was named 'van Gorkom'. Cornelia married Johannes Leber in Utrecht on 26 May 1852. He was son of Jacobus Leber and Johanna Maria Agterberg. To marry an Akte van Bekenheid (deed of familiarity) of Johannes was necessary to explain the disappearance or possible death of his father. Witnesses who lived in the Kreupelstraat, the same street were the Leber family lived, declared that Jacobus Leber left his family in the year 1842, joined the Rijdende Artillerie (riding artillary) of the army, declaring himself that he was unmarried, and went as soldier of the Indische Troepen (Indian Forces) to Batavia in 1843, after which nothing was heard from him again. The profession of his son Johannes was schrijnwerker, a specialized carpenter. Johannes died in Utrecht on 29 January 1871. Cornelia Petronella remarried on 14 May 1873 Pieter Monrooij, son of Gerrit Monrooij and Adriana van der Stam. Both parents of Cornelia had already deceased by then. Cornelia Petronella herself died in Utrecht on 16 June 1906, 73 years old.

IX-a35. Albertus Cornelis
Albertus was born in Amsterdam on 6 October 1835 and was named 'van Gorkum'. He married in Utrecht on 14 October 1857 Alida Sophia Jägers. She was born in Bergen-op-Zoom on 15 October 1835 and daughter of Franciscus Jägers, shoemaker, and Sophia Silbach. Albertus was a coppersmith, like his brothers. Both his parents were still alive when he married. Four children were born. They are mentioned on the page about generation X. On 28 February 1915 Albertus died in Utrecht at the age of 79.

IX-c38. Cornelis
Cornelis died on 2 May 1838, when four months old.

IX-a39. Abraham
Abraham died on 30 July 1939, also as an infant.

Children of David van Gorkom and Elisabeth Noest (generation VIII-d93)
David was son of Ary van Gorkum and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkum and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-d19. David
David was born in Utrecht on 20 March 1819. Ary van Gorkom, uncle of the boy, bagcarrier and living in the Sakkedragersteeg was a witness in the deed. David died in Utrecht on 13 November 1823, 4 years old.

IX-p22. Pieter
Pieter was born in Utrecht on 17 February 1822. He married Francina Aletta de Ruijter in Utrecht on 1 November 1854. She was born in Utrecht on 21 February 1822 and daughter of Jacob de Ruijter and Aletta Bruijnink. Three children were born, two of them already before the marriage. They were recognized by Pieter during his marriage. More about these children on the page about generation X. Pieter had reached the respectable age of 91 years when he died in Utrecht on 30 December 1930.

IX-d23. David
David died in Utrecht on 13 November 1823. When he was born we do not know.

IX-j24. Jacoba Stephanie
Jacoba was born in Utrecht on 6 December 1824. She married in Utrecht on 18 July 1849 Carel Roerebach. Carel was a workman then. He was son of Catharina Roerebach and born on 16 October 1818. Carel was already widower of Elisabeth Frishart, who deceased on 11 March 1848. A daughter Elisabeth Roerebach was born in Utrecht on 13 July 1850. On 10 March 1854 Jacoba Stephana Roerebach was born in Veenhuizen (Norg) in Drenthe. This means that the family had moved to the north of the Netherlands between 1850 and 1854. In Veenhuizen Carel was a so-called veteraan. This people, often old soldiers, had to guard the inhabitants of the institutes, the colonials. Those institutes were founded to try to teach the homeless and beggars to support themselves.

Another Jacoba Stephana was born in Veenhuizen on 3 April 1856. Son Carel Roerebach was born on 11 July 1857. Within one year the family lost two of their children. On 22 April 1858 the eldest child died and on 14 September 1858 son Carel did as well. The parents must have returned to Utrecht, since they eventually died there themselves. On 25 July 1891 Carel died, living at the address Brandsteeg B.21, Jacoba Stephana passed away on 7 January 1892, 67 years old.

IX-e27. Elisabeth
Elisabeth died on 12 September 1829 at the age of two.

IX-aa28. Arie
Arie was born on 31 December 1828. He married in Leeuwarden on 23 May 1858 Anna Catharina van der Woude. Leeuwarden is the capital of the Province of Friesland in the upper north of the Netherlands. Maybe some time in the future we will find out why he went to the north. Ten children were born, three in Leeuwarden and the remaining children in Utrecht, meaning that the family had moved back to the Van Gorkoms' old city of residence. This happened between 1860 and 1862. Arie died in Utrecht on 26 January 1878, 49 years old, and his wife in the same city on 13 March 1884 at the age of 51. The children are mentioned on the page about generation X.

Arie lived in the Zakkendragersteeg when he died. At this address they had lived for at least 8 years. His profession had been buttonmaker, also bediende (servant), which means he was something like an employee or an assistant, and railway employee. After Arie died, Catharina lived on several addresses in Utrecht: Lange Lauwerstraat, Willemstraat, Vreeburg, Oranjehof and again Zakkedragersteeg. For her it seems to have been a difficult time. Son Arie was 17 years old when he moved to The Hague on 26 September 1882. When Anna Catharina died in March 1884, she left behind two young underaged children. These children were taken to Arnhem on 5 August 1884.

IX-g37. Gerrit
Gerrit was born in Utrecht on 21 August 1837. He married Antonia Tollenaar in Utrecht on 14 September 1859. She was daughter of Gerardus Tollenaar (deceased 27 March 1843) and Wilhelmina van Hazendonk. Seventeen years later a niece of Antonia would marry a remotely related Van Gorkom as well, as explained in the section about generation XI-l78.

Eight children were born of which two daughters married, all belonging to generation X. A boy called Gerrit died on 6 December 1861, one year old. On 18 November 1864 a girl Anthonia died, just one year old too. One month later, on 17 December a second Anthonia was born. She married in Utrecht on 15 January 1902 Albertus Willem van den Hoogen, son of Albertus Willem van den Hoogen and Geertruida Maria van Beusekom. Albertus was already a widower. His first wife Dirkje Huussen died on 7 May 1900. Unfortunately, on 15 April 1910 this second Anthonia died, only 45 years old. Elisabeth Jacoba Stephana, the second daughter of Gerrit, was born in Utrecht on 17 May 1866. She married Johannes van Uden in Utrecht on 17 November 1892. He was born in 's Hertogenbosch on 25 October 1866 and son of Johannes van Uden and Antonia van der Hammen. The next child of Gerrit and Anthonia was not born alive and died on 10 June 1868. Anna Wilhelmina van Gorkom was 5 months old when she died on 4 October 1873. On 17 May 1870 another stillborn child was born. The last child was Naatje, born in 1871, who deceased on 12 August 1871, two month old.

Children of Leendert van Gorkom and Catharina Markus (generation VIII-l99)
Leendert was son of Ary van Gorkum and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkum and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-aaa19. Arie
Arie is mentioned in the Utrecht census record of 1824. He was a child of five years old then.

IX-ll21. Lena
Lena was born on 7 November 1821. She married Willem van Ter Meij in Utrecht on 29 May 1844. He was born in Utrecht about 1813 and a son of Gerrit van Ter Meij and Johanna Borreman. Willem died, however, in Utrecht on 12 April 1865, 52 years old. Lena remarried Victor Adolphe Rolin in Utrecht on 21 February 1866. He was 33 years old and son of Joseph Rolin and Anna Maria Sophia Taverne. Within the first year of his marriage Victor died too, on 24 November 1866. And Lena, already 45 years, married for the third time the 33 years old Anthonie de Kruijff in Utrecht on 9 October 1867. He was son of Hendrik de Kruijff and Sijtje Siteur. Lena herself died on 22 June 1900, 78 years old. Lena had probably no children. She was 78 years old when she died in Utrecht on 22 June 1900.

IX-f24. Frederika Wilhelmina
On 7 December 1826 Frederika Wilhelmina died, 2 years old. So she was most likely born in 1824. Just a few days earlier her little baby-sister Jacoba had passed away. Probably both children died as a result of a contagious disease.

IX-j26. Jacoba
Jacoba van Gurkom, as she was called in her death record, was just 8 month old when she died on 3 December 1826.

IX-h27. Hendricus
Hendricus was born in Utrecht on 5 November 1827. Later on he would marry Johanna Cubes, born in Utrecht on 14 September 1820 and daughter of Albertus Cubes and Johanna van Wijland. The wedding took place in Utrecht on 19 November 1845. Three month before the marriage Leendert was born in Utrecht on 11 August 1845. More about this child on the page about generation X. He was not the only born child. Again we have to write a sad story. At least 7 of the following children died. In 1849 Catharina was born. She died when she was 17 years old on 20 June 1866. Johannes died on 15 January 1851. He was born in 1850 or 1851. Then Willem came, who was 6 months old when he died on 16 November 1852. Helena died on 22 November 1853, 2 months old. Another Helena died on 18 April 1855. A nameless child on 14 August 1856. Neeltje was 5 years old when she died on 28 February 1863. And Jacobus was 4 years old when he died on 17 June 1866. Father Hendricus himself was 61 years old when he died on 14 July 1889. He lived in the Wijde Waterstraat in the C quarter on number 473 and was a blacksmith. His wife died on 24 May 1905, 84 years old. She was living at the address Gruttersdijk 37bis at that moment.

IX-p30. Petronella
Most likely Petronella was born on 13 April 1830. She married Dirk Flantua in Utrecht on 22 January 1856. Dirk was a buttonmaker, old 43 years, born in Utrecht and the son of Huijbert Flantua and Geertruij Peterse. Petronella was 37 years old when she died in Utrecht on 27 July 1866.

IX-j33. Jacoba
This second Jacoba must be born about 1833. On 24 July 1866, at the age of 33, she died in Utrecht. Jacoba was single.

IX-d36. Dirkje
Daughter Dirkje was one year old when she died on 19 August 1836.

IX-a38. Arie
Arie died when he was 55 years old, in Utrecht on 25 February 1893. So he must have been born about 1838. There is no mentioning of a partner. So probably he was unmarried too.

IX-n40. Neeltje
Neeltje was born on 15 January 1840. When she was 20 years old she married Adrianus Marchal, son of Johanna Marchal, in Utrecht on 7 November 1860. He was 29 years old, so born about 1831, also in Utrecht. Four children were born. The children Willem and Johannes Adrianus grew up and married. Catharina Cornelia was only one month old when she died on 29 August 1867 and Johannes Bernardus was 7 months old when he died on 3 August 1871. Neeltje herself was only 31 when she deceased on 12 June 1871. Adrianus died at the age of 56 years on 31 July 1887.

Children of Franciscus van Gorkum and Alida Anthonia Bruining (generation VIII-f01)
Franciscus was son of Willem van Gorkum and Johanna Oremus (VII-w66) and grandson of Jacobus van Gorkum and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33).

IX-ww23. Willem
Willem was born in Utrecht on 16 October 1823. In 1825 he received the name 'van Gorkom', on the date that his parents married. Willem died in Veenhuizen (Norg) in Drenthe on 13 June 1848. His father was a veteraan (guard) then in the colony.

IX-jj26. Johanna
Johanna was born in Utrecht on 17 June 1826. Her last name had suddenly changed in 'Gorcom' when she married Gerrit Dijk in Vreeswijk on 15 June 1850. He was son of Hendrik Dijk and Antje Schouten. In Utrecht on 2 May 1863 she married again after having become a widow. Willem Beersen, old 52 years, also widower (of Fennetje Vossekuil) became her new husband. He was born in Harderwijk and son of Willem Beersen and Kornelia Ossenberg. Johanna was 61 years old when she died in Vreeland on 18 March 1887.

IX-bb33. Beligje
Beligje was born in Bergeijk, near the Belgian border, about 1833. She married twice. First in Zutphen on 19 October 1864 Adriaan Pelt, born in Weststellingwerf about 1827 and son of Antonij Pelt and Hendrika Terwé. Her second marriage was in Bergeijk. On 20 April 1870 she married Peter Johannes Cornelis Jonkers, born in Bergeijk and son of Cornelis Jonkers and Anna Catharina Schurgens. He was a workman.

IX-m36. Maria
Maria was born in Zwolle on 24 November 1836. She married in Norg on 21 February 1860 Frans Müller. He was born in Maastricht on 19 May 1836 as son of Claus Müller and Ursule Hijacinthe Lonqueval. Four months later Maria died in Groningen on 7 July 1860, 23 years old. Frans was a musician.

So, in the end the whole branch of Willem (VII-w66), son of Jacobus and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33) ran out of male descendants to pass on the name of 'van Gorkum' or 'van Gorkom' within the patriarchal system we happen to have in Holland.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (generation VIII-j72)
Jan was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Antonetta Schreur (VII-j50) and grandson of Jelis van Gorkom and Petronella Mouton (VI-j25).

IX-j98. Johannes
Johannes van Gorkom was baptized in the Domkerk on 15 April 1798. His father was doopheffer, a kind of witness at the ceremony. The address was Pauwsteeg (Peacock Alley). Johannes married Anna Maria Dirkse, baptized in Utrecht on 8 August 1802 and daughter of Fredrik Dirkse, peat and bag carrier, and Anthonia Hansen. At least ten children were born, who are listed on the page about generation X. Johannes was a button maker and also bricklayer for his profession. He was not drafted into military service, because he was too short. Anna Maria died on 6 February 1869, 66 years old. Johannes grew much older. He was nearly 92 years, when he died in Utrecht on 9 April 1890 at the address Oude Gracht C12/13. This address is familiar. It is the address of the "house for old men and women".

IX-j99. Johannes Kasper
A second child was born at the address Pauwsteeg. This son was baptized in the Catharijnekerk on 28 October 1799. Doophefster was Antonetta Schreur, the grandmother of the child, who also lived in the Pauwsteeg. The father was not present, because he was prisoner of war. Johannes Kasper is also mentioned in the Utrecht census record of 1813. His older brother Johannes named a son after him, after which the name Johannes Casper would stay alive for several generations in this branch of the family. Johannes Kasper ended up in Ommerschans as a so-called kolonist. Ommerschans was one of the institutes of the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid (Charity Society). He died in Ommen on 11 May 1849, 49 years old.

IX-a01. Antonetta Maria Willemina
Antonetta was baptized in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church) on 15 November 1801. The father was doopheffer. Apparently the family moved from the Pauwsteeg to the Molensteeg op de Springweg between 1799 and 1801. This child was evidently named after her grandmother, Antonetta Schreur, and after her own mother. She married Arie Goene, baptized in Utrecht on 2 April 1805 and son of Pieternella Goene. At least four children were born: Pieter Goene, Arie Goene, Antoinetta Wilhelmina Goenee and Pieter Goene. Their father Arie died on 27 November 1847 in Utrecht, only 43 years old. One year later the children lost their mother Antonetta Maria Wilhelmina too. She died in Utrecht on 7 December 1848. Arie had been a workman for his profession.

Son Pieter Goene(e), born in about 1827, married in Utrecht on 8 September 1851 Johanna Grimmelikhuijzen. A child of this couple, called Wilhelmina Gijsberta Goenee, married Willem Frederik Linschoten, son of Willem Fredrik Linschoten and Maria van Gorkom. Maria (generation X-m34) was daughter of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (mentioned above), so a cousin of Pieter Goenee.

IX-j05. Jannetje
Jannetje was named after her grandmother Jannetje van der Enden. This grandmother was also the doophefster at the christening and lived in the Molensteeg op de Springweg. The christening took place in the Catharijnekerk on 21 July 1805. The father could not be present, because he had to serve in the army. Napoleon occupied the Netherlands in 1798 and many Dutch men were forced to join the army, as Napoleon needed soldiers for his battles.

Jannetje married in Utrecht Hendrik Joole on 24 April 1839. He was born in Utrecht on 6 February 1812 and son of Dirk Joole and Maria Bongers. Both his parents had already deceased, when Hendrik married in 1839. At least four children were born: Johanna Wilhelmina Joole, Maria Joole, Hendrik Joole and Antoinetta Wilhelmina Christina Joole. Father Hendrik was 1 el, 5 palm, 9 duim tall, which is 1 meter and 59 cm (5' 3"), had brown hair and blue eyes. His profession was porter. He died on 30 March 1856, when living at the address Varkensmarkt C.705. Jannetje died three years later in Utrecht on 31 July 1859, when living at the address Paddemoes C.705. Considering the 19th century system of unique codes for all houses in Utrecht, these two addresses must have been the same.

IX-m09. Maria
Maria was born in Utrecht on 7 December 1809 and was baptized in the Domkerk on 8 December. She is not mentioned in the census record of 1813.

IX-jj10. Jan
Jan van Gorkum, living in the Molensteeg, died on 27 October 1810 and was buried in the churchyard of the Geertekerk by order of the court.

IX-m13. Maria
Another Maria was born on 1 January 1813, so we may assume the first Maria had died before. The second Maria only lived for 3 days and died in Utrecht on 3 January 1813.

IX-jjj15. Jan Hendrik
Jan Hendrik was born on 10 April 1815. He was 8 months old when he died in Utrecht on 21 December 1815. His grandfather Jan van der Linden notified the authorities about his death. Jan, the father of the child, had already deceased three and a half months earlier. By mistake, a copy of Jan Hendrik's death record was attached to the marriage papers of Maria Cornelia van Gorkom and Willem Lokhorst (generation VIII-m91). In this death record Jan Hendrik is only called Hendrik. Maria Cornelia's father Dirk had died in 1815 as well.

Children of Jan Hendrik van Gorkom and Adriana van Vlooten (generation VIII-j90)
Jan Hendrik was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Antonetta Schreur (VII-j50) and grandson of Jelis van Gorkom and Petronella Mouton (VI-j25).

IX-a16. Antonetta
Antonetta was born in Loenen (the full name of this little village situated along the river Vecht is Loenen aan de Vecht) on 23 March 1816. The river Vecht starts in Utrecht and ends in the old Zuiderzee, nowadays the IJmeer, near Amsterdam. Loenen is 15 kilometres north of Utrecht, near Loosdrecht.

She married in Utrecht on 16 May 1838 Gerardus Jacobus Noest, born in Utrecht on 16 June 1815 and son of Gerrit Noest and Helena Buijter. He was 162 cm tall (1 el, 6 palm, 2 duim = 5 foot, 4 inches), had blue eyes and brown hair. He died, however, in Utrecht on 30 November 1853, only 38 years old. Gerardus Jacobus and Antonetta had at least one child, a daughter called Helena Gerarda Noest. Antonetta married again, this time to Dirk Ladrak in Utrecht on 13 August 1856. He was born in Wijk bij Duurstede on 3 March 1816 as son of Albertus Ladrak and Hendrina Bauman. Their son Albertus Ladrak was born on 23 April 1858, but died on 21 August of the same year. Dirk died in Utrecht on 5 August 1867.

IX-t18. Teunis
Teunis was born in Loenen on 12 September 1817. He was barge hand on a ship. He died in Loenen on 15 June 1847, 29 years old, unmarried.

IX-w19. Willem
The civil register of Loenen recorded that Willem died on 13 November 1822. He was 3 years of age.

IX-j20. Johannes
Johannes was born in Mijnden, municipality of Loosdrecht on 22 October 1820. He married the widow of Louis Hartmann, called Jannetje van Dijk, born in the town of Gorkum (!) on 2 September 1810 and daughter of Dirk van Dijk and Hendrina Kruijswijk. They married in Utrecht on 4 May 1853. At the time, Johannes and his parents lived in Nieuwersluis, municipality of Loenen, and Jannetje lived in Utrecht. In his marriage record his name was spelled as Gorrekom. This is also the case for his birth record. After he became a widower, Johannes married for a second time in Nieuwer Amstel on 5 October 1859 Hillegonda Herps, born in Amsterdam in about 1821 and daughter of Antonie Herps and Maria Rosing. She was widow of Hendrik Looije. Just like his father, Johannes was schuitjager for his profession. In the record of his second marriage his surname was written in the usual way again as van Gorkom.

IX-aa22. Adriana
Adriana was born in Oud-Loosdrecht in about 1822. She married Cornelis Antonie Schippers in Warmond, near the city of Leiden, on 10 May 1851. For some reason a so-called Akte van bekendheid (declaration of familiarity) of the birth of Adriana had to be provided at the wedding. Her birth record was not found in the civil register by us. At least three children were born. Maria Adriana Schippers was born in Warmond on 2 April 1851. Cornelis Antonius Schippers was a year old when he died in Arnhem on 23 September 1855. Hendrik Jan Schippers, born in about 1863, married Margaretha Langereis. In 1858, Adriana was recorded as an inmate of the prison of Goes, in the province of Zeeland.

IX-g24. Gijsberta Maria
Gijsberta Maria was born in Nieuwersluis on 23 June 1824.

IX-hh26. Hendrika
Hendrika was born in Nieuwersluis on 13 March 1826 and married Cornelis Appel in Utrecht on 29 June 1853. He was born in Utrecht on 29 July 1823 as son of Cornelis Appel and Susanna Meulenbeek, and already widower of Sophia Johanna de Groot. Hendrika died in Utrecht on 16 June 1869 at the age of 43. Cornelis married for a third time and now to Wilhelmina Frederica van Lint. He died in Utrecht on 4 December 1882, 59 years old. The profession of Cornelis had been opperman (foreman). He was 1 el, 4 palm, 9 duim and 9 streep tall, which is 149.9 cm (4' 11").

IX-d29. Dirkje Sophia
Dirkje Sophia van Gorkum was born in Nieuwersluis on 22 October 1829. She married Karel Johannes Nellen in Loenen on 28 July 1882. Both parents of Dirkje had already deceased. At the time of the wedding, Dirkje Sophia was 52 years old and Karel Johannes 42 years. He was born in Amsterdam on 20 September 1839 and son of Reindert Nellen and Susanna Klaasen. In 1852, Dirkje had been a servant in Amsterdam. In 1882 Dirkje made a living as merchant, Karel was without a job then. Theodora Sophia, as Dirkje was called in her death record, died on 27 February 1897 in Loenen at the age of 67. Karel Johannes died in Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands, on 21 December 1928, 89 years old.

Children of Cecilia van Gorkom (generation VIII-c89)
Cecilia was daughter of Isaak van Gorkom and Geertrui de Klerk (VII-i60) and granddaughter of Jelis van Gorkom and Petronella Mouton (VI-j25).

IX-g21. Geertruida
Geertrui van Gorcom was born in Utrecht on 10 December 1821. She married Adrianus van Dijk in Utrecht on 28 February 1855. He was born in Zeist on 12 October 1830 as son of Arie van Dijk and Willemijna Hendrika Wischoff. Geertruida was a knitter, just like her mother Cecilia. She was 42 years old when she died in Utrecht on 24 October 1864.

Before her marriage, Geertrui had three children, who all received her family name. Geertrui van Gorkom was born in Utrecht on 5 July 1841. Grandmother Cecilia notified the authorities of the birth. The child died in the same year on 13 October. On 5 November 1844 daughter Johanna van Gorkom was born in Utrecht. This daughter stayed single and died in Utrecht on 11 June 1892, 47 years old. She was a dressmaker for her profession. Gerard, given the surname van Gorcom at his birth, was born on 17 April 1852. At the occasion of his parents' wedding some three years later he was recognized by his father Adrianus.

On 26 April 1855 Arie Frederik van Dijk died as an infant. He was just six weeks old and was born on 13 March that same year. Cecilia Wilhelmina van Dijk was born on 2 September 1857. She died at the age of 18 on 4 October 1875. Adriana Catharina van Dijk was born on 10 June 1860. She was 5 years old when she died on 28 April 1866. A stillborn child died on 2 April 1863. Of all children only son Gerard married.

After Geertruida's death, Adrianus married Maria Elisabeth Dolleman, daughter of Jacob Dolleman and Adriana Jacoba van Us, born in Utrecht on 6 December 1839. Another four children were born of whom at least one child married. Adrianus was 84 years old when he died in Utrecht on 14 November 1914. He had been a widower for the second time since 15 November 1908.

IX-i24. Isaak
Isaak van Gorkum, one of a twin, born in Utrecht on 30 April 1824, married in Utrecht on 3 April 1850 Johanna Willemina Pouw. She was daughter of Willem Pouw and Johanna Ros and was born in Utrecht on 4 April 1825. There were four children, but only the eldest one survived and married. All four are mentioned on the page about generation X. Isaak was a tailor. He was only 34 years old when he died in Utrecht on 22 February 1860. During his marriage he lived in the Catharijnestraat Quarter C number 776 (nowadays Willemstraat). Johanna Willelmina Pouw married on 30 July 1862 Hendricus van Leersum and had at least three more children of whom two married.

IX-cc24. Cecilia
Cecilia van Gorkum was the twin sister of Isaak, also born in Utrecht on 30 April 1824. She was 19 years old, when she gave birth to her son Jelis van Gorkum, born in Utrecht on 16 May 1843. The mother of Cecilia, also called Cecilia, notified the authorities of the birth. Daughter Cecilia lived with her mother in the Korte Hamsteeg C 665. Like her mother Cecilia, she was not married and there was no mentioning of a father of her child. On the very young age of 22 she died, in Utrecht on 12 February 1847, leaving behind her son. He was probably taken care of by his grandmother. Unfortunately the boy died soon afterwards, in Utrecht on 5 October 1847, four years old.

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