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On this bulletin board you find messages concerning updates, as well as questions to all visitors about genealogical matters. If you think you can be of any help, please contact us at info @ vangorkom.net. All responses are greatly appreciated. For Dutch visitors of this page: reacties in het Nederlands zijn natuurlijk ook van harte welkom!


Perhatian buat orang Indonesia
Belanda dan Indonesia telah berbagi sejarah. Kenyataan selama pendudukan Belanda di Indonesia ada orang bernama van Gorkom yang tinggal disana. Barangkali van Gorkom yang kita anggap ada, telah beranak cucu disana Kami mengundang orang indonesia yang mempunyai cerita mengenai van Gorkom maupun keturunannya di Indonesia untuk berbagi cerita dengan kami yang ada di Belanda. Terima kasih banyak atas perhatiannya. Sampai jumpa di info @ vangorkom.net.

Are you Indonesian?
Holland and Indonesia share a long and intense history of several centuries. Many children were born out of Indonesian-Dutch relationships. We invite anyone to mail us who is an Indonesian descendant of a Van Gorkom (Van Gorkum etc.) or knows stories about Indonesian Van Gorkoms. Please mail us at info@vangorkom.net.

Who knows more about the Roä family?
On our page about the Roä family we describe how we know that the grandfather of Louisa Roä was a Swiss mercenary. Of course we like to find out more about him. Where did he exactly come from?

The grandfather of Louisa Roä served in the Third Regiment of Bern, owned by General F. May. It was defeated at the southern border of the Netherlands by Napoleon's army in about 1795. The children of grandfather Roä--including Louisa's mother--stayed behind as orphans after the annihilation of the regiment. Therefore there is reason to doubt whether the name Roä is completely correct. In at least one record the name Roua is mentioned as well. Still, it looks like a corrupted name, which might have been truncated. In pronunciation there is not much difference between Roua, Rouart, Rouard or Rouen for instance. Do you have a clue by any chance? Please let us know!

Who was the husband of Florence Woltman?
Florence Woltman was born in Chicago in about 1894. She married a Van Gorkom somewhere between 1910 and 1920. They had three children: Evelyn, Grace and Billy. John from Windsor, Vermont, is a relative and likes to find out more about this unknown Van Gorkom. Do you know where he came from?

Who is Andries van Gorkom?
In May 1950 Andries van Gorkom married Geertruida Hessel (Truus) in Utrecht. Truus died in 1955. The Hessel family made the website www.familiehessel.nl and likes to learn more about Andries and Truus, as little is known. If you have any information, please send a message to info@vangorkom.net. For Dutch visitors: reacties in het Nederlands zijn natuurlijk ook van harte welkom.

Do you have a question? Looking for a Van Gorkom, Gorkum, Gorcom, Gorcum or Vangorkom or Vangorkum? Looking for information? Let us know and we will add your question to this page.

The Van Gorkom Network is intended to serve anyone who is called Van Gorkom or is related to someone called Van Gorkom. Nevertheless, feel free to ask questions as well if the name is Gorkum, Gorcum or Gorcom (or Vangorkum etc.) Before 1813 the different ways of spelling had no significant meaning, as it was the result of personal likes and dislikes of the notaries and clergymen, who happened to put the name on record. Only after 1813, when Napoleon introduced the exact spelling of names, the differences became definite.

So, please send any question, remark or answer to info@vangorkom.net.

Since the start in 2003, this website was regularly updated and expanded, in particular with extensive additions by Johan van Gorkom. By now, the site covers practically all Van Gorkom's (Gorkum's, Gorcom's and Gorcum's) from Utrecht, the Netherlands. These namesakes do not need to be related as there exist two distinct, separate branches in Utrecht. Also two other, smaller, separate branches were added to the site in the past years. These latter two do not even have a connection with Utrecht. So, if you are a returning visitor, please take a look and see what is new or has been improved.

More recent updates:

June 2013
The story of the descendants of Thomas Abrahamse van Gorkom and Sofia van Seventer (Rutger branch) has been thoroughly updated. This affects all generations starting from generation V.

June 2010
An important addition has been made to the Rutger Branch, starting with Isaac (generation VI-i01), son of Abraham van Gorkom and Catrijn Abrams Godron (generation V-a74). Isaac died at young age and so it happened that his three youngest children were raised by a catholic stepfather. This resulted in a quite successful Roman Catholic scion within the very protestant Van Gorkom family.

January 2010
The part of the Rutger Branch that starts with Gerrit in 1735 (generation VI) has been updated considerably with many more details. This part of the Rutger branch includes the schoolteacher Gerrit from Zutphen, his sons Evert Jan, Wilhelm Johan, Gerrit, Karel Wessel and Jan Cornelis, and some of their descendants.

September 2009
The Jan Branch has been expanded considerably. Jan came from Beemst, but most of his descendants were born in Rotterdam.

August 2009
A number of details have been added to the Louisa Roä page.

November 2008
New pages were added about the "American Rutger branch". They start with Isaak and Abraham, the two archfathers of two official Van Gorkom branches in the US. A new chart of the American genealogy also shows a third branch, which is a "not official" maternal branch, founded by the children of Aletta van Gorkom (gen-Xa51).

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