Abraham van Gorkom
from Beesd

This is a page about Abraham van Gorkom and his descendants. Abraham was probably born in Beesd in 1694. It is not clear whether he is connected in any way to his namesakes on the other pages of this website. Therefore we dedicated a separate page to this branch. We did so in English, as all of this site is in English. For convenience the generations on this page are numbered in line with the other generations on this site.

At the moment the information about Abraham and his descendants is far from complete, but this will certainly change. If you think that you can provide more details, then please contact Marga van Gorkom at Marga.robyn@tiscali.nl; she is a descendant of Abraham (generation XIII). Reacties in het Nederlands zijn natuurlijk ook van harte welkom!

Generation VI

Abraham van Gorkom was probably born in Beesd in 1694. Beesd is some 15 kilometres (10 miles) to the north east of the city of Gorinchem. We gave the number VI to this generation in an attempt to match this branch to the other large branches on the site.

Generation VII

Johannes Abrahamsz van Gorkom was born in Beesd in 1724 as son of Abraham. He made an announcement of his wedding in Rijswijk on 14 November 1749, and married Cornelia van Kampen on 30 November 1749. Johannes was buried in Rijswijk on 20 (or 27) November 1774. Cornelia was baptized in Loosduinen on 9 January 1724. She was buried in Rijswijk on 12 July 1796.

Actually, there are two villages called Rijswijk. One is close to The Hague and the other one lies twenty kilometres south east of Utrecht. The one south east of Utrecht is only 15 kilometres from Beesd, where Johannes was born. Therefore it is tempting to believe this is the right Rijswijk. However, the other Rijswijk is very close to Loosduinen where wife Cornelia was born. The only son who is known, married in a town called Alphen, which is not very far from Rijswijk near The Hague. This makes Rijswijk near The Hague a more likely candidate, than Rijswijk near Utrecht. It should be added, however, that there are also two cities called Alphen. In this case, Alphen aan den Rijn must have been meant, as will become apparent in following generations. Both Johannes and Cornelia were farmers.

Johannes had eleven children, who were all baptized in Rijswijk:
Cornelis, baptized on 31 October 1751. Marya, baptized on 23 January 1753. Abraham, baptized on 12 May 1754. Cornelis, baptized on 26 November 1755. Jannetje, baptized on Christmas Day, 1757. Abraham, baptized on 18 February 1759. Abraham, baptized on 27 April 1760. Jannigje, baptized on 20 September 1761. Jannigje, baptized on 28 November 1762. Abraham, baptized on 3 August 1766. Johannes, baptized on 23 July 1769 as youngest child. He is the ancestor of following generations.

We have to assume that most of the children died at young age, since their names were repeated over and over again. At the moment, only two are known who reached adulthood, Marya and Johannes.

Generation VIII

Children of Johannes Abrahamsz van Gorkom and Cornelia van Kampen

Marya van Gorcum (or Maria), born in 1753 and daughter of Johannes Abrahams and Cornelia van Kampen, married in Rijswijk on 29 October 1775 Arent Bordewijk, born in Rijswijk on 6 August 1752. According to our source (www.harrydietz.nl) Maria was baptized on 28 January 1752. She died in The Hague at the age of 78 on 10 January 1831. Her husband had died in the same town on 10 February 1830, 77 years old.

Johannes van Gorkom was son of Johannes Abrahamsz van Gorkom and Cornelia van Kampen. He was born in Rijswijk in 1769. At the age of 44 he married Trijntje Splinter in Alphen on 10 July 1813. She was born in Alphen on 6 November 1786 and baptized on 12 November 1786. She was daughter of Maarten Splinter, former bricklayer and already deceased in Alphen in 1793, and Ingetje van der Zwan. Johannes was living in Zwammerdam at the time of his wedding and Trijntje in Boskoop. Both Johannes and Trijntje were farm hands. They had at least five children of which four have married: Maarten, Cornelis, Ingetje and Cornelia. One son, a twin brother of Cornelia, died at birth in Alphen on 27 September 1824. Their father Johannes died in Alphen on 25 August 1846, 58 years old. More about the four surviving children in the section below.

Generation IX

Children of Johannes van Gorkom and Trijntje Splinter

Maarten van Gorkom, named after his grandfather, was born in Zwammerdam in 1816. Zwammerdam is very close to Alphen aan den Rijn. He married Aaltje Groenendijk in Alphen on 3 February 1842. At the time she was 21. She was daughter of Gerrit Groenendijk and Maartje van Groningen, and was born in Alphen. Maarten was a bricklayer for his living.

Cornelis van Gorkom was born in Zwammerdam on 11 April 1818. He married Maria Catharina Harmsen in Amsterdam on 26 February 1845. She was born in Amsterdam on 13 February 1823. Cornelis died in Amsterdam on 28 July 1889. Maria died in the same city on 6 July 1893. At the time of his marriage Cornelis was a bricklayer. A witness of the wedding was Cornelis' brother Maarten, who was a bricklayer too. Cornelis and Maria had at least five children: Cornelis, Jan, Maarten and Karel Jan. A first Maarten, born in 1855, died at the age of 18 months on 30 March 1857. More about the other four children in the section on generation X.

Ingetje van Gorkom was born in Alphen in about 1821. She married in Oudshoorn on 4 August 1850 Arij Brugman, bricklayer, born in Leiderdorp, aged 31 years, and son of Arij Brugman and Aaltje Oudshoorn, both deceased. Ingetje and Arij were both living in Oudshoorn at the time of their wedding.

Cornelia van Gorcum was born in Alphen on 26 September 1824. She married Klaas Breedijk, born in Aarlanderveen, on 21 August 1821. His father was Wouter Breedijk and his mother was called Neeltje Poelgeest. Klaas was korenmolenaarsknecht (corn miller's hand) for his profession. Cornelia and Klaas had five children, as far as we know, all in Aarlanderveen. Neeltje was born on 7 December 1850, Trijntje and Wouter, a twin, were born on 26 April 1853, Jan was born on 12 December 1854, and Maarten was born on 1 May 1857. Father Klaas died in Zwammerdam on 21 January 1885, 64 years old. His widow Cornelia died a year later on 15 May 1886, also in Zwammerdam. She was 61 years old.

Generation X

Children of Cornelis van Gorkom and Maria Catharina Harmsen

Cornelis van Gorkom, son of Cornelis, was born in Amsterdam on 29 August 1847. He married Johanna Ardina Koch, who was born in Arnhem. Four children are known. They are mentioned below in the section about generation XI.

Jan van Gorkom was born in Amsterdam on 12 April 1853. He married Maria Wilhelmina Lodewijks, born in Amsterdam on 20 October 1857. This couple had nine children. More is told about them as well in the section on generation XI. Jan was a bricklayer.

Maarten van Gorkom was born in 1857. He married twice. First to Gijsje Slappendel. She was born in about 1866 in Aarlanderveen as daughter of Jan Slappendel and Cornelia Muis. Out of this marriage at least six children were born, who are also mentioned in the section below about generation XI. Gijsje was 43 years old when she died in Amsterdam on 26 July 1909. Maarten married for a second time Adriana Sophia Toole. Maarten was a carpenter. He died in Amsterdam on 14 June 1916 leaving behind Maarten and Marinus, two minor children who were orphans then. It could be the reason that Maarten, 10 years old, and Marinus, 15 years old, temporarily lived with their cousin Willem, a son of father Maarten's brother Jan.

Karel Jan van Gorkom was born on 29 April 1859 des namiddags ten drie ure (three o'clock in the afternoon) at the address Nieuwe Looijerstraat 255 in Amsterdam. His birth was reported to the register by his father, who was a 41 years old bricklayer, according to the record. Karel Jan was a barge hand (or sailor) for some time and later on in life a tailor. He married Reina de Vries on 24 June 1893 in Wildevank, which is in the north of the country, a long way from his place of birth. Reina was daughter of Hendrik de Vries and Maria Nienhuis. She was 23 when she married, so therefore born in 1869 or 1870. Karel Jan died in Groningen on 11 September 1928. Many years later, Reina died in the same town on 3 November 1950. Eight children are known, probably all born in Groningen. They are mentioned below in the section about generation XI.

Generation XI

Children of Cornelis van Gorkom and Johanna Ardina Koch

Maria Cornelia was born in Amsterdam on 22 May 1873. She married Gerrit Johannes de Vink in Amsterdam on 7 May 1903. Gerrit Johannes was born in Amsterdam on 31 May 1876.

Jan Coenraad was born in Amsterdam on 8 October 1874. He married in Amsterdam on 12 November 1903 Jacoba Glebbeek. Three children were born. Their first child Johanna Ardina, named after Jan's mother, was born in Amsterdam on 25 December 1904, so on Christmas Day. Maarten was born in Amsterdam as well, on 19 July 1905. The third child, a daughter again, was born on 15 April 1906. She was called Francina Maria Catharina.

Cornelis Johannes was born on 14 august 1878. He married Jannigje van der Weijden, born in Gouda on 12 April 1883. Four children are known, all born in Amsterdam. Johanna Ardina was born on 27 October 1907. Like her cousin she was named after her grandmother. The next two children were born in The Hague; Arie Cornelis Johannes on 20 December 1909, and Johanna Wilhelmina on 25 October 1911. The youngest child, called Cornelis Antonius, was born in Amsterdam again, on 11 December 1913.

Johan was born on 3 May 1882. He was only 26 years old when he died in Amsterdam on 15 June 1908. He was dansmeester, a dance teacher.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Maria Wilhelmina Lodewijks

All nine children of this couple were born in Amsterdam.

Willem was born on 6 May 1881. He married Elisabeth Anna Hendrika Toole. She was born in The Hague on 25 March 1879. Elisabeth Anna Hendrika had a sister Wilhelmina who married Willem's cousin Cornelis, son of Maarten and Gijsje Slappendel (see below). Willem was the witness at their wedding in 1920. He was a clerk and bookkeeper for his profession. Willem's cousins Cornelis, Marinus and Maarten lived temporarily at his place, probably after their father had died in 1916, while also their mother had deceased already. After the oldest one, Cornelis, found his own place to live, his brothers Marinus and Maarten moved in with him. In 1920 Willem was living in Sloten.

Jan was born on 16 February 1884. He was a carpenter for his profession and died in Amsterdam on 13 January 1958.

Marinus Wilhelmus Christiaan was born on 21 December 1887. He married Agnes Maria Zapf. She was born in Breda on 2 October 1896. Three children were born in Amsterdam: Maria Wilhelmina Bertha on 7 November 1924, Johanna Adriana on 8 August 1927 and a son Frans Josef on 24 January 1929.

Cornelis was born on 26 July 1890 and married in Amsterdam on 29 July 1920 Helena Christina Ritte. She was a daughter of Hendricus Cornelis Ritte and Christina Johanna Margaretha Timman. She was some eight years younger then Cornelis and was born in Amsterdam. Witnesses of the marriage were Willem, clerk, and Hendrik, carpenter, both brothers of the groom. Both Cornelis and his father-in-law were clerks for their profession as well. Two children are known. Hendrik was born in Amsterdam on 19 October 1829. Kees was born on 31 December 1930, also in Amsterdam.

Maria Wilhelmina Christina was born on 22 July 1893 and died in Amsterdam on 2 January 1956.

Hendrik was born in about 1894, is all that we know. He was a carpenter for his profession and a witness at the wedding of his brother Cornelis.

Coert Hendrik was born on 15 March 1896. Like his brother he was a clerk too. He died in Amsterdam on 25 May 1948.

Carel Jan was born on 6 November 1898. He married in Amsterdam on 25 May 1927 Hendrika Estié, born in Wijde Wormer on 11 April 1902. Her father was Pieter Estié and her mother Grietje Doosje. Carel Jan was a machinehoutbewerker (wood working machine operator) at the time he married.

Johanna Adriana was born on 24 July 1900.

Children of Maarten van Gorkom and Gijsje Slappendel

Cornelis was born on 20 February 1890. He married in The Hague on 3 August 1912 Wilhelmina Toole, born in The Hague on 17 September 1882. His cousin Willem was married to Wilhelmina's sister Elizabeth Anna Hendrika. Cornelis and his brother lived some time at their cousin's place, probably after they had become orphans. On 30 May 1913 a son Marinus was born in Amsterdam. Cornelis was a mechanic.

Gijsbertus Jan was born on 10 September 1895. He married Maria Elizabeth van der Kolff. She was born in Amsterdam in the year 1897 and was the daughter of Franciscus Bernardus van der Kolff and Johanna Gerritsma. The wedding took place in Amsterdam on 25 June 1919. Two children were born in Amsterdam: on 9 August 1919 son Jan, and a second son, called Marinus, on 17 August 1920. Gijsbertus Jan was a carpenter.

Marinus was born on 2 September 1899. He married in Amsterdam on 3 September 1931 Sophia Charlotte Stiphout. She was born in The Hague. We know only one son called Theo Marinus, born in 1934. Marinus lived for some time at the same address as his cousin Willem.

Willem died in Amsterdam on 21 May 1917, being 16 years old. He must have been born in 1900 or 1901. He was a clerk for his profession.

Maarten was 14 months old when he died on 3 November 1904.

Another Maarten was born on 19 July 1905. He married in Amsterdam on 22 November 1928 Wouterdina Angenieta Alta, born in Amsterdam on 19 November 1905 and daughter of Joachem Alta and Aaltje van Munster. Maarten was a bank employee. They had four children: daughter Angenieta Alida Wilhelmina was born on 9 September 1929. Son Cornelis was born on 15 March 1934, son Maarten on 7 March 1935 and son Joachim on 18 February 1938. All children were born in Amsterdam.

Children of Karel Jan van Gorkom and Reina de Vries

The children of Karel Jan and Reina were called Willem, Annie, Reina, Larie, Maria Catharina Harmanna, Maria (Mimi), Reinder Karel Jan and Hendrik.

Maria Catharina Harmanna was known as Marie. She was born in Groningen in 1894 and died in Amsterdam on 6 July 1978. Marie married Carel Schubart in Groningen on 18 November 1915 and divorced in Amsterdam on 30 November 1961. A second Maria was known as Mimi and was born in Groningen in 1896. She married Gerard Wieringa in Groningen on 28 October 1915, three weeks before her sister Maria. She died in Amsterdam on 5 July 1978, one day before her sister Maria. Reinder Karel Jan was born in 1898 and married Geertruida Maria Boekholt in Hoogezand on 2 July 1921. She was born in Hoogezand in 1902.

Hendrik was known as Henk and born in Groningen on 1 April 1915. He married in Groningen on 27 May 1937 Jantien Oostmeijer. This first marriage ended in 1941. Subsequently, he married Betje Christiena Hoeksema in Groningen on 30 July 1941. She was born in Spijk on 9 July 1920 and was daughter of Derk Hoeksema and Hiltje Vroom. They divorced in 1975. From the first marriage he had two children and from the second six children. Hendrik was a tailor, just like his father. He died in Groningen on 11 May 1996. His children are mentioned in the section about Generation XII.

Generation XII

Children of Hendrik van Gorkom

The children from Hendrik's first marriage with Jantien Oostmeijer were Karel Jan, born in Groningen on 4 December 1937, and Johan, who was born in 1939 probably. The six children of Hendrik van Gorkom and Betje Christiena Hoeksema were called Derk Hiltjo (Dick), Claere Jane (Clara), Mathilda Margriet (Tilly), Arenda Marcella (Elly), Roberta Henrietta (Bea) and Margareth (Marga).

Derk Hiltjo (Dick) was born in Groningen in 1942. He married Lammechien Wekema in Paterswolde in 1971. She was born in Roden in 1947 as daughter of Hendrik Wekema and Aaltje Postema. Dick and Lammechien divorced in 1984. Dick died in Arnhem on 29 March 2006. His profession was locksmith.

Claere Jane was born in Groningen in 1944. She married Lammert Nieborg in 1963. They have three children. Mathilda Margriet was born in Groningen in 1946. She married Anthony Peek in 1968. They have two children. Arenda Marcella was born in Groningen in 1948. She married Cornelis van Bergen in 1966. They have a son and a grandson. Roberta Henrietta was born in Groningen in 1949. She had two children with Rudi Sipkes. There are two grandchildren. Margareth was born in Groningen in 1951. She married Siem Beukema in 1972 and in 1990.

Generation XIII

Daughter of Derk Hiltjo van Gorkom

Alida Christiena Margareth van Gorkom was born in the Elisabeth Gasthuis of Arnhem in 1972, as the single child of Derk Hiltjo (Dick). She is known as Marga and is partner of Laurentius Everhard van den Borden (Rens), born in Arnhem in 1969. They live together since 1989. Marga and Rens have two daughters, called Robyn and Isis. Marga is a locksmith. The shop is shown on the picture below.

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